Rosti RSS Rosti's Latest news RSS en-us Sun, 24 Sep 2017 23:45:57 CST Sun, 24 Sep 2017 23:45:57 CST Rosti splits to accelerate growth The global injection moulding company Rosti is owned by the Swedish investment company Nordstjernan. Rosti Group's Board of Directors has decided to create two separate Groups out of the current Rosti Group. The present Automotive division with four manufacturing sites in the UK, will form its own Group and be called Rosti Automotive. The remaining Rosti will continue as Rosti Group and develop its business within Packaging, Consumer & Professional Appliances, Business Machines, and Life Sciences. Both Groups will still be owned by Nordstjernan. Mats Heiman, Chairman of the Rosti Board, comments: “The challenges and opportunities are very different within the two businesses, so too are the markets and customers they serve. The split will allow both companies to focus on their unique agendas thereby accelerating initiatives to develop their businesses.” Brendan Colgan, CEO at Rosti since March 2016, will remain CEO of Rosti Group. He comments: “I see a very promising outlook for 2017 and onwards. We will focus on how our businesses in Asia can take additional steps to grow in that region, both organically and through acquisitions. Our businesses in Europe will continue to develop opportunities to grow their offering and customer base.” Joachim Magnusson, who joined Rosti as EVP Rosti Automotive in 2016, will take the position as CEO of Rosti Automotive. He comments: “There has been significant investment in the Automotive division over the last number of years. Our customers have been instrumental in our growth and the split will allow us to accelerate and focus on continued development.” Roar Isaksen, who has held various leading positions in Volvo and has extensive automotive experience, will be Chairman of the Rosti Automotive Board. He comments: “I am excited to be a part of the new Rosti Automotive Group. The Split brings increased focus to the business and going forward there are interesting market opportunities for further growth and development”. Rosti and Rosti Automotive will start operating independently effective immediately however the full legal separation requires further work and is anticipated to be completed by June 2017. For more information: Brendan Colgan, CEO Rosti Group Phone: +44 (0)7796 006633 E-mail: Rosti Group is a global plastics injection moulding company and subcontract manufacturer headquartered in Malmö, Sweden and with manufacturing sites in China, Malaysia, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Romania, Turkey and the UK. Rosti is owned by the Swedish investment group Nordstjernan. Rosti is rapidly expanding, organically and through acquisitions. For further information, please visit and Rosti first to offer new technology Improved quality, integration of new functions and consumer friendly handling, all to be matched with the Brand’s familiar design!; this was the wish list from Hela Gewürzwerk Herman Laue (, when briefing Rosti for the re-design of their flip top closure for the famous German ketchup. However topping the list was the request for high quality print on the top of the cap. The printing of the closure was a big challenge especially as the quality of the print requested meant that latest tool designs had to be employed to eliminate slip agents thus ensuring the highest definition for direct print. Since the cap is aligned with the bottle, the printing must also be aligned. Bringing this together with a 2 colour design and high volume production meant that a bespoke solution had to be sought. Rosti engineers developed a new handling system in order to align the closure and because one colour is printed on top of the other the desired quality was achieved. Following successful tests and the start of quantity production Rosti is the first injection moulder that can offer customers the new technology. Brendan Colgan new CEO of Rosti Group Rosti Group's Board of Directors has appointed Brendan Colgan as the new CEO of Rosti Group effective from March 1, 2016. He succeeds Börje Vernet, who has been CEO since 2007. Brendan Colgan comes most recently from the global engineering group IMI as Divisional Managing Director for their Precision Engineering Division. Mats Heiman, Chairman of Directors of Rosti Board, comments: “Brendan Colgan has extensive international and operational experience from large global companies. With a strong communicative ability he has managed important change programs, successfully developed the business and improved profitability in the companies where he has worked. With his international background and rich knowledge of complex, large industries Brendan has the competencies to lead Rosti in its continued development and growth. I would like to thank Börje Vernet, Rosti’s current CEO, that since 2007 successfully has increased turnover ten times with good profitability to 500 million Euro. ” Brendan Colgan commented, saying: “It will be a privilege to continue to build upon what has already been accomplished at Rosti with good profitability and well-anchored values internally. Rosti Group has a strong position in the European and Asian market and I look forward to leading the company towards its vision to double the turnover to 2019 – from the current 500 million to 1 billion Euro – both organically and through acquisitions. ” During 2015 Rosti Group's current Chief Executive, Börje Vernet, informed the Board of Directors of his intention to resign from his position as CEO of Rosti. In January, 2016 Börje will assume the position as CEO of Dacke Industri AB, a company within Nordstjernan, with the strategy to invest in technology companies oriented towards customer-specific system solutions and components. More information on Brendan Colgan Brendan Colgan was born in Northern Ireland. He has forged a successful career within Charter International Plc, an international engineering company comprising ESAB and Howden, where he has had various roles and functions, including several executive positions. He has operated across all continents, including significant periods of times abroad – such as in Mexico, Australia and the United States. When he returned to the UK he held the business development and strategy role for the group including responsibility for M&A, while retaining his seat on the Board of the US business. Later he assumed responsibility for ESAB’s Asia Pacific, Middle East and African business and in 2011 he was appointed CEO of ESAB. The following year he was headhunted into IMI Plc to run their Precision Engineering Division with 1 billion Euro turnover and 6 000 employees. IMI Precision Engineering is a world leader in motion and fluid control technologies supplying a range of markets. For more information: Mats Heiman, Chairman of the Rosti Board Phone: +46 708 107 489 E-mail: Rosti Group is a global plastics injection moulding company and subcontract manufacturer to the Automotive, Packaging, Consumer & Professional Appliances, Business Machines, and Life Sciences markets. Rosti has 12 manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia, 4 000 employees and sales of 500 MEUR. Rosti is rapidly expanding, organically and through acquisitions. The head office in Malmö employs 12 persons. Rosti is owned by the Swedish investment group Nordstjernan. For further information, please visit and Merger of Rosti Bianor with Rosti Polska. Draft terms of merger Rosti Bianor and Rosti Polska. Publication date: 18.02.2016 Rosti Employees and Rosti Group raise 13 000 Euros to UNHCR A recent internal initiative within the Rosti Group gave an instant result - within two weeks 6 500 Euros were raised by the employees at Rosti to help the thousands of families that are fleeing for their lives and are in need of humanitarian aid. “Thanks to the great commitment from all colleagues within the Rosti team we have been able to raise 6 500 Euros to UNHCR, “ said CEO Börje Vernet. “Now Rosti Group will match this donation and donate the same amount. This means that we at Rosti in total make a contribution of 13 000 Euros. The money is now on its way to UNHCR that provides basic and necessary humanitarian aid to the refugees such as food, medicine, shelter, winter clothing, stoves, fuel for heating etc.” Rosti Group has initiated internal fund raising for refugees The conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, and other countries have created the largest humanitarian crisis in decades. Thousands of families are fleeing for their lives and millions of people need humanitarian aid. To help those in need the Rosti Group has initiated an internal fund raising program. During two weeks all Rosti employees are invited to raise money and participate in the program. Rosti Group will match the donations from the employees and donate the equivalent amount. Donation for lifesaving assistance There are many organizations that are doing their utmost to help refugees. Rosti Group has decided to make a donation to UNHCR - the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. UNHCR is on the ground, protecting refugees and providing lifesaving assistance such as shelter, food, water and medical care to refugees arriving in Europe. “I believe that the ongoing refugee crisis doesn’t leave anyone unaffected. Millions of people are suffering leaving their homes and relatives to escape escalating violence and war. Forced to flee they are in search for safety and protection and depending upon other peoples’ help and humanity. At Rosti we want to help. We have started a fund raise within the company – for every penny raised by an employee, Rosti will donate the equivalent amount. With our donation we wish to help UNHCR save lives and protect the families who have been forced to flee their homes,” CEO Börje Vernet said. Rosti Groupâs acquisition of Bianor Poland and Romania was finalized on August 18th. Rosti Group’s acquisition of Bianor Poland and Romania was finalized on August 18th. We would like to welcome all employees at Bianor in Bialystok, Poland and Ploiesti, Romania to Rosti Group. Bianor will be incorporated into the European division of the Rosti Group, led by Executive VP and Deputy CEO Mr. Barry Coughlan. Förvärvet av Bianor Polen och Rumänien  blev den 18 aug klart. Rosti Groups förvärv av Bianor har nu genomförts och vi hälsar alla anställda i Bialystok, Polen och Ploiesti, Rumämien välkomna till Rosti Group. Bianor kommer slås ihop med Rosti Groups Europadivision som leds av VP Barry Coughlan. Rosti Group acquires Bianor Poland and Romania Press release Malmö on July 8th 2015 Rosti Group acquires Bianor Poland and Romania Rosti Group today announces signing of an agreement regarding the acquisition of 100% of the shares in the Dutch holding company Boog B.V., and indirectly the Bianor group of companies (Bianor), from the Dutch-German based private equity company, Nimbus Investments. Bianor is an injection moulder and assembly-solutions provider to the major OEMs within the small household appliances, electrical goods and safety accessories sectors. Bianor was founded in 1997 as a Polish-Dutch joint venture in Bialystok, north east of Warsaw, Poland.  Bianor has since developed a state of the art factory in Bialystok (2012) and a second facility in Ploiesti, Romania, 60 km outside Bucharest (2013). Combined, the two facilities offer 20,000 square meters footprint of modern manufacturing capacity, plus an additional 12,000 square meters of warehousing space. Bianor has in excess of 80 injection moulding machines ranging from 50 to 1,200 ton clamping force. Bianor will be incorporated into the European division of the Rosti Group, led by Executive VP and Deputy CEO Mr Barry Coughlan, who commented “We are delighted with the acquisition of Bianor. This will enhance our capacity, capability, customer base and geographic positioning, giving Rosti the opportunity to support additional customers within our global footprint. Bianor has an excellent culture, a skilled and dedicated workforce, modern facilities and a reputation for innovation and continuous improvement. All complimenting the ‘Rosti Way’ of operating”.  Mr Edwin Puijpe of Nimbus Investments, a hands on investor with offices in the Netherlands and Germany,  added ”Together with local management, we have worked hard over the last eight years to bring Bianor to where it is today. In this period we have invested in two brand new factories. The customer base has been increased from three to more than fifteen OEM customers, all with leading positions in their sector. We are very proud of what has been achieved through the dedicated management team and workforce, which we like to thank for that. We are confident that Bianor will continue to grow and develop under the Rosti leadership”.        Borje Vernet, CEO of the Rosti Group, commented “Having achieved our 2014 sales target of 400 MEUR, which corresponds to a doubling of sales since 2011, we are now focusing on our new financial targets, including a new sales target of 900 MEUR by end of the decade. The acquisition of Bianor is a significant and strategic step in this plan and it will introduce Rosti to a number of market leading OEMs. With Rosti facilities in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Poland and Turkey and, following the acquisition of Bianor, also in Romania, we have excellent coverage in Europe which is a good complement to our highly successful businesses in China and Malaysia. With our dedication to customer care and our aim to always exceed our customers’ expectations, supported by a targeted investment plan, we are confident that we can continue to serve our customers in a professional way”. The transaction is expected to close in the third quarter of 2015, subject to necessary approval by the Polish Office for Competition and Consumer Protection.    Rosti Group is a global plastics injection moulding company and subcontract manufacturer to the Automotive, Packaging, Consumer & Professional Appliances, Business Machines, and Life Sciences markets. Rosti has 10 manufacturing facilities, located in the UK, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Turkey, China and Malaysia, with accreditation in ISO9000/1/2, ISO 13485, TS16949, FDA/IMS, BRC/IoP, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001 (H, S+E) and many other world manufacturing standards, with a combined turnover of 450 MEUR and 3,400 employees and over 550 moulding machines, ranging from 25T to 2700T. Rosti is owned by the Swedish investment group Nordstjernan. For further information, please visit and or contact: Barry Coughlan, EVP and Deputy CEO, email or Börje Vernet, CEO Rosti Group, email   Nimbus is an investment company which invests and actively supports its subsidiaries in realising improvement potential. Nimbus holds majority stakes in approximately 30 companies in North Western Europe with an aggregated revenue of more than EUR 1.5 billion. For further information, please visit:   Press release German.pdf Press release Polish.pdf Press release Swedish.pdf Rosti Group CEOâs 2014 Interim report Rosti Group 2014 – strong growth at 18% sales increase and substantial investment program to accommodate further growth in 2015 and beyond 2014 was a good year for Rosti, with sales increasing at all of our 10 Rosti sites in Europe and Asia, and a 30 MEUR investment program in new manufacturing capabilities and capacities successfully implemented during the year. Rosti’s total sales in 2014 reached 375 MEUR, with strongest growth in Malaysia and the UK, and with a good contribution from our new operations at Rosti Tebplast in Istanbul, acquired in November 2013. Our factory extension in Pickering, UK, was successfully implemented during the year and have added significant new moulding capabilities, which now extends in the group from 25t to 2700T, and new state of the art painting facility to meet our customer’s ever growing painting needs, making the Pickering site Rosti’s biggest facility. It is pleasing to see this growth being achieved across all our markets sectors; we have achieved good growth in our automotive sales, and also within packaging and industrial with the addition of a number of new blue chip customers and leaders in their market which have introduced us to new market sub-segments and niche capabilities. In 2014 Rosti Group increased our number of employees with some 300 people. Looking ahead, Rosti continue to see a strong order intake from our customers and we therefore expect a further 10-15% sales growth in 2015. In April 2015 we will commission the important factory extension at Rosti China, adding 8000 m2 factory space, extending the site’s capabilities to cover all of Rosti’s market sectors; including its clean room facility supporting the medical disposables market. Our investment program will continue at a high pace during 2015 and 2016 to meet booked orders in 2014 and expected nominations in 2015. We are also adding further management resources to support our continued growth. I am glad to announce that, over the last 6 months, Thomas Hansson has joined us as our new Rosti Group CFO and Eva Brike as Rosti Group HR Director. Both Eva and Thomas bring with them a wide experience from international operations and are already strongly supporting our organization. In addition to our organic growth, Rosti is also continuously looking for further investments/acquisitions into the high precision injection moulding area, including related products and services, targeting companies in Europe & North America with facilities in Asia & South America, on our way to reach our financial target of sales at 600 MEUR in 2017 and continuing our target of expanding our geographic presence in line with our customer needs. We at Rosti would like to thank all our customers for their trust in Rosti and their continued business. We at Rosti will continue to provide you our best Customer Care, based on our Core Values, i.e. being Responsive Open Sustainable Trustworthy Innovative This is the Rosti Way! Börje Vernet CEO Rosti Group Malmö 10th of February 2015       Rosti, the global plastics injection molding group, acquires a majority shareholding in Turkish IML The Rosti Group has today completed the purchase of a majority shareholding in Tebplast (Tebplast Plastik San.Tic.A.S.) from the Teber family. Tebplast, based in Istanbul, is a leading Turkish injection molders specializing in the IML (In Mold Label) top filled rigid packaging market for the food & beverage industry. The Teber family remains as shareholders and Erdem and Engin Teber stay in their present positions as Managing Director and Operations Director respectively. Tebplast, formed in the 1980’s, today operates 40 IML production lines with 110 employees. Tebplast achieved an excellent reputation as highly responsive quality supplier of IML products to the dairy, fresh food and chilled & frozen food markets with 50% growth in sales in the last year alone. Tebplast is one of a handful of companies in Turkey with the BRC food manufacturing accreditation and offers product design, tooling management, manufacturing & logistics services to market leaders in both Turkey and overseas.   Rosti Tebplast will be incorporated into the Packaging division of the Rosti Group, headed by Mr Magnus Emeus, who commented “We are very happy with this acquisition and the synergy opportunities created between our businesses. Combining the Tebplast capabilities with the competence & sales network of the Rosti Group will create great growth opportunities both inside and outside Turkey. I congratulate Erdem & Engin Teber on their excellent strategic & operational development of the company and look forward to our future cooperation. We are delighted to welcome Erdem and Engin to the Rosti Management family. " Mr Erdem Teber added “This is a very important milestone in the history of Tebplast and we are delighted to have Rosti as a majority shareholder. We see clear synergies going forward which allow the company to accelerate its growth even further” Rosti Group already has a significant proportion of its sales in the packaging market supplying the food & beverage industry with caps & closures. The new Rosti subsidiary, Rosti Tebplast, will give Rosti access to the top filled plastic packaging markets with a leading reputation in IML, with cost effective solutions not only to the Turkish market but also with regular deliveries to Western Europe Borje Vernet CEO of the Rosti Group added “We are making good progress in implementing our long term strategy, by growing the business both organically and by acquisitions, towards our 2016 target of €600 million sales. We have made 2 good acquisitions in the last year and we are confident that we will be adding further acquisitions in the medium term. We have the knowhow, the finances and the vision to make this happen” Key facts relating to the combined Rosti Group: Total Employees 2600. Number of molding machines 550. Operations in 8 countries 11 manufacturing facilities. Turnover 350m Euros. Börje Vernet, Rosti Group CEO, outlines his vision for Rosti Tez Kurwie, Rosti Group Sales & Business Development Director, explains the rationale behind Rosti’s latest acquisition   For further information please contact Magnus Emeus , Head of Rosti Packaging Tez Kurwie, Group Sales & Business Development Director Börje Vernet, CEO Rosti Group   Malmö 6th of November 2013