Rosti design analysis team amongst top 100 in China

Rosti China’s design analysis team recently passed the Professional level of industry recognised Autodesk Moldflow Insight certification. In addition to congratulating the three employees to their newfound success, Rosti now proudly announces its technical academy to the world.

Autodesk Moldflow certifications provide reliable validation of individuals’ skills and knowledge, both for the software and injection moulding, plastic part design, and mould design best practices – leading to improved productivity, and enhanced credibility within the marketplace and customer base. The Professional level of the certification is the second out of three levels and only held by less than one hundred people in China, now including the three Rosti employees.

This certification process is an evolution of The Rosti Technical Academy, an initiative taken at the beginning of this year to increase the skills of the company’s engineers in order to meet the customers’ high design and innovation requirements, as well as improve their design analysis and simulation skills.

“The Rosti design analysis team is surely looking forward to reaching Expert level within the Autodesk Moldflow certification program, but even more so, they want to be challenged in their daily design analysis and innovation work. This process gives them the right tools.”

John Kidd, Regional Technical Director Rosti China and promoter of Rosti Technical Academy
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