Rosti - Malaysia

Rosti Malaysia – a technology led engineered plastic and contract manufacturing business

2019 was a record year for new business awards executed in Rosti Malaysia, which is part of the successful technology led contract manufacturer Rosti Group, owned by the 11 BEUR Swedish Nordstjernan conglomerate. Rosti Malaysia has further available capacity in 2020 and welcomes new opportunities for companies in need of world class plastic injection moulding and contract manufacturing.

“Reacting to the wants and needs of our customers has moved Rosti Malaysia significantly upstream in our customers’ supply chain. We have transformed from a value-add moulding organisation to a full contract manufacturing partner including all product design services – a truly technically advanced partner.”  – Pat Williams, SVP Asia

Rosti Malaysia, based in Johor, was established in 2012 in order to support an existing customer’s manufacturing needs in the region. A change in the customer’s manufacturing strategy meant that some products manufactured by Rosti in Northern Asia had to be transferred to Malaysia.

This was far from a simple process as the product in question had a significant supply chain and in the early days of production, the entire BOM came in from outside of Malaysia. During this period, the team localised 280 components over six key commodities (PCBA, motors, steel shafts, rubber rollers, sheet metal, and cable harnesses). The task was to simplify the complexity and deliver value through localisation at point of manufacture. A localisation programme was undertaken utilising Rosti’s supply chain management skills and the net result was a multi-commodity eco-system that de-risked the business. In doing so, a far more sustainable supply chain was created that all customers in Rosti Malaysia now benefit from.

A large contributor to this transformation has been the company’s approach to innovation and has enabled Rosti to 3D print injection moulding tools. 3D printing is continually progressing and Rosti is giving customers the confidence to push boundaries with designs and the ability to physically test moulded parts at a fraction of the traditional lead-times. This is a must to remain agile in the development cycle, where the flexibility is critical to success. Customers can now have prototype parts in their hands manufactured (injection moulded) from production intent material within 72 hours.

The Johor facility houses state of the art Sumitomo Demag injection moulding machines and a fully controlled ESD protected assembly area, fully enhancing Rosti’s highly specialised capabilities for supporting all its customers’ needs. The world class manufacturing facility, allied with world class supply chain management skills, product design and 72 hour prototyping services have provided Rosti with a significant amplification effect, allowing it – through lower costs and time to market – to drive value for its customers.

The value proposition that Rosti offers, including design, engineering, supply chain management, enhanced by the addition of its innovation laboratory, has made Rosti Malaysia attractive to a diversified spread of end customers from the automotive, medical and consumer electronics markets.