First important task for the brand new digital innovation center: 3D print protection equipment for hospitals

Rosti Poland’s newly built digital innovation center in Białystok is 3D printing head frames and attachment covers to help the local community.

This great CSR initiative demonstrates how to combine engineering competences, processing capabilities, and, most importantly, the desire to help the local community.” – Michał Lubik, Rosti Poland Managing Director

A couple of days ago, Rosti Poland made the decision to exploit the potential of its high speed multi-material 3D printer by printing protection equipment for doctors and medical lifeguards of the Oncology Hospital and the Infectious Hospital in Białystok, Poland.

The device was launched last week and by taking advantage of a ready-made free project created by the R&D engineers, Rosti could deliver the first prototype consisting of a clamping band, an elastic band, and a shutter, just a couple of days later.

When the 3D printer is not used to print masks, it supports taking Rosti’s customers concepts to reality – in just 72 hours.