Rosti: a dependable partner in anxious times

In today’s rapidly changing economic climate, companies across the world face upheaval and uncertainty. With our conservative financial foundations, Rosti Group can work alongside you to help manage disruptions.

At a time of global unpredictability many corporations across the world are facing economic problems. Rosti will, of course, face a number of challenges but we are well-positioned and prepared to meet them. We are confident that we will successfully manage the challenges ahead of us and working closely with our customers, we can steer a path through these difficult times.

Strong foundations, secure resources

Rosti’s conservative financial approach means that we can continue to be a dependable partner to our customers throughout the current crisis. As a company, we have traditionally taken a conservative financial approach which has enabled us to operate from a position of stability. This approach continues to this day, with our secure position being bolstered by our relationship with our owner Nordstjernan, a Swedish family-controlled investment company.

As well as financial strength, Rosti has years of institutional and operational experience. Since 1944, we have succeeded by operating with integrity, excellence, and in close relationships with our partners. We have prospered for 75 years, and we intend to continue for at least another 75!

Resilient operations across the globe

With production sites in eight countries, and a head office in Malmö, Sweden, Rosti is a truly global company. This worldwide presence has enabled Rosti to take advantage of fluctuating regional supply and demand, and it will help to manage the supply chain throughout the current crisis.

Production transfer expertise

Experience with production transfer is one of Rosti’s key competencies. For many years, we have relocated companies’ production centres across countries and continents, allowing them to expand, reduce costs, or improve their product quality As a result, Rosti are experts at moving and re-starting production efficiently and with minimal disruption.

Within our organisation, Rosti have the skills, networks, and experience to smoothly transfer complex production operations across the world. With this expertise, you can be confident that Rosti will continue to deliver effective, customer-focused solutions.

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Rosti - David Orr
David Orr

Global Programme Director