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15 Minute Covid-19 Test Device To Be Manufactured by Rosti Group

Rosti Group has partnered with a Global Molecular Diagnostics company to begin manufacture a COVID-19 saliva test, providing laboratory-quality results in 15 minutes. This will allow non-medical personnel to obtain fast, on-site detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus at point of need.

Rosti were selected based on their manufacturing proposal utilising their state of the art digital innovation laboratory. The deployment of 3D printing of prototype injection moulding tools allowed engineers to have prototypes within 72 hours of receiving data in production intent material. Additionally, the tooling solution incorporates cutting edge technology delivering 32 cavity tools in 5 weeks and serial manufacturing under ISO13485 conditions.

This is a critical project which is part of the Rosti contribution to the fight against the impact of COVID-19, by providing their solutions to a Global Molecular Diagnostics company. The clients’ CEO said “We have been extraordinarily pleased with the knowledge, capability and commitment that Rosti has demonstrated with this project. They are truly committed to a collective mission of solving the issues created by COVID-19, and worked with us so that our Company can provide tools to those at point of need to positively impact peoples lives”

Not only was the technical proposal offered by Rosti the most complete, but the whole project time line, from concept to reality, mainly due to the Rosti digital innovation lab, was the only option that could hit the very demanding project milestones.

Karl Stillman, Regional Sales Director at Rosti Group, said, “Solving the problem of quick COVID diagnostics testing is one of our priorities at Rosti, and we are delighted that our 72 hour 3D capabilities are making it possible for our client to produce 15 minute saliva test kits quickly and cost effectively so that they can be used in the field without delay.”

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Karl Stillman

Regional VP Sales