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Rosti Asia win new Life Sciences Contract

Rosti Asia have acquired a contract from a new customer in this post Covid world in which we all live.

A high end European healthcare company, in operation for over 80 years providing premium & innovative products within its chose sector awarded Rosti China a contract to manufacture a brand new device, incorporating design,  supply chain management and manufacturing the finished unit to OEM level. 

The product spans both over the counter consumer use (general electrical product safety) and medical device registration, resulting in full product medical device history to ISO 13485 and compliant quality management system under the US Code of Federal regulations (21CFR820).

This type of award isn’t rare for Rosti, however, what  makes this award so special is that the whole process has been carried out against the Covid backdrop. By that we mean all meetings were carried out by video conference, with nobody actually meeting face to face.

Rosti was able to showcase the production facility remotely through virtual online tours and managed to engage the client through our innovation and knowledge centre in China.  Rosti’s customer intimacy approach was supported by parts of the Rosti Asia management team, who were locked down in Europe and our proposal to the customer was considered the most complete and thorough that they had received.

It goes to show that even in unprecedented times like these, with the right management, use of technology, flexibility and ambition, it is possible to provide value propositions to our customers that are truly best in class. It would have been unfeasible to think that significant new contracts could be awarded in this way even six months ago from existing customers, let alone brand new ones.

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Karl Stillman

Regional VP Sales