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Rosti Group To Open Digital Innovation Lab In Boston

Delivering plastic moulding from ‘concept to reality’ in just 72 hours for American clients, this new innovation centre makes Rosti the plastic moulding partner which never sleeps

Rosti Group has announced that it is to open a digital innovation lab in Boston, MA, USA. The opening of a centre in America will provide proximity to the expanding customer base of American clients with the facilities to develop prototype moulding in design intent materials using 3D printed tooling technology, and will be connected to the other digital innovation labs in Europe and Asia providing a 24/7 development capability for time sensitive projects.

Karl Stillman, Vice President of Sales said,
With innovation labs on the 3 timezones of America, Europe and Asia, The Rosti Group will be the plastics moulding company which never sleeps. Our 72 hour promise of ‘from concept to reality’ will be on offer to American companies from our digital innovation lab in Boston. We will be able to talk with our clients in person and to reduce time to market by working around the clock from our three innovation labs on three different time zones. Opening an American operation will bring us closer to our customers, and bring 3D prototyping to American customers quickly and cost effectively.

Digital innovation labs are the starting point of this process as Rosti design engineers work with clients to develop prototype parts in design intent material within industry leading turn around times. The 72-hour “from concept to reality” process begins as soon as the digital innovation lab receives computer-aided design (CAD) plans from the customer. A team of dedicated Rosti engineers conducts detailed design analysis and digital flow analysis of the customer’s design. In October 2020 Rosti partnered with an American Molecular Diagnostics company to begin manufacture of a COVID-19 saliva test, the development of which took place at these innovation labs. An ever expanding client base of American companies which would benefit from local prototype development facilities, allied to manufacture in Europe and Asia, led the Group to commit to opening an operation in Boston, Massachusetts.

The decision to open the offices in Boston is based on the existing client base of Rosti in the state of Massachusetts as the nations leading state in the production of medical related devices, and access to talent and transit links. Full time staff will be hired in America to manage the client relationships and to ensure that the digital innovation lab fulfils its purpose of providing access to 72-hour ‘from concept to reality’ prototyping for American clients. Rosti currently provides contract manufacturing services for medical, packaging and consumer goods industries, and will focus on expanding its client base within its core competence. The planned timeline for the opening of the digital innovation lab will be Q2 of 2021, current medical circumstances permitting.

Rosti is a global technology led plastic injection moulding company and contract manufacturer to some of the world’s leading manufacturers in the packaging, consumer appliances, business machines and medical sectors. Founded in 1944 with headquarters in Malmö, Sweden, the Group has 3,200 existing employees across 9 facilities in Europe and Asia, with the operations in Malaysia recently awarded Platinum by the Responsible Business Alliance. Recent advances in 3D printing and other additive manufacturing technologies have reduced development time for custom tooling, which has led the Rosti Group to commit to a 72 Hour “Concept to Reality” proposition for clients.