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Michał Lubik, Managing Director, tells Forbes Poland about innovative solutions within the framework of sustainable development used by Rosti.

Rosti Poland stands out in the plastics processing industry by introducing ecological solutions. It is highly appreciated by business partners, both suppliers and customers.

What is the secret of Rosti success?

Rosti Poland is one of the branches within established in 1944 Rosti Group, that belongs to the Swedish concern Nordstjernan. We are proud of our strong Swedish roots and over 75 years of experience in the industry. As a result, we have shaped our awareness and responsible attitude as a plastic injection moulder and contract manufacturer.

Occupying a central place in the supply chain we have a responsibility, and at the same time a chance to positively impact the environment of this industry, from product design customization, material selection and waste management to managing the entire supply chain, from raw materials to finished products and more. Therefore, our commitment to creating sustainable solutions is at the core of everything we do, and our choices are carefully considered at every stage of the process.

What ecological solutions have Rosti introduced so far?

Developing the awareness of our employees is the basis of all activities, therefore we have created the Sustainability Centre – a source of knowledge and good practices. Rosti is a participant of Operation Clean Sweep, which is an effective tool to reduce the release of plastic to the natural environment.

We have also calculated the carbon footprint and we are implementing programs reducing CO2 emissions, by investing in the machine park, modern technologies and infrastructure. We use LEAN tools and techniques on daily basis. Our company is guided by a slogan From Concept to Reality. Thanks to our latest investment in the Innovation Centre, our customers can count on full support in optimizing theirs product to be economical and ecological at the same time.

We believe that sustainability is a driving force to innovation. The plan for 2022 is to ensure the energy we use comes 100% from renewable sources. Our ecological solutions are appreciated by customers, and their effectiveness is confirmed by external audits.

What is the driver for choosing Rosti as a supplier by well-known companies in segments such as e-mobility or life science?

Over the years, we have built mutual relations based on trust, partnership and joint responsibility for the product. Starting from early stages we discuss issues related to ecology and product safety. Thanks to understanding customer needs and our capabilities, Rosti Poland try to reduce the amount of production waste to the minimum, with benefit for both sides customer and Rosti. This can be best illustrated by an example of certain cooperation.

Well, for one customer we decided to renew their product through exchange of used parts only, with parts manufactured from a minimum material required. We come across even the most demanding expectations of our partners.

Does sustainable development have to cost?

The answer lies in understanding each other’s needs at each stage of product life. Consumers, observing the occurring climate changes with increasing attention, want to actively participate in limiting their impact. On the other hand, new directions of changes are marked out by the legislation.

In response to these both needs our customers look for ways to minimize the influence of their products on natural environment, which in many cases requires costly investments, for example, in special materials or technologies.

How do you support the circular economy?

The Rosti Group Sustainability Framework supporting the circular economy and the further development of sustainable business focuses on the three pillars of our organization on which we have the greatest influence. First, on technology through design for sustainable development.

Secondly, in production, in the name of Leave No Trace. And the last, but no less important element is the high level of cooperation with customers, the synergy of their expectations, and joining forces in the product life chains.

Is it really possible to implement a customer’s idea in 72 hours?

Yes, it is. Rosti has developed a program that is implemented in our Innovation Centres. We already have our first successes. Our earlier mentioned slogan, which is based on the commitment to exceed customer expectations, has been raised to a higher level, which is why today the slogan “From concept to reality within 72hours” is more relevant.

Thanks to our technology, the team of engineers is able to deliver prototype parts obtained by injection moulding method from the intent material in a relatively shorter time than provided by other available technologies.

Is ecology possible in the plastics processing industry?

We observe that it becomes more and more achievable. Let’s be honest, it is not possible to completely eliminate plastic from our life. Some products, due to their function, complexity or cost of production cannot be manufactured from materials alternative to plastic. Moreover, the materials such as metal or glass are being replaced by plastic resins in new projects.

However, in Rosti we deeply believe in the need to support our community and our planet, so we are taking all steps to make the sustainability possible even in our industry.

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