Rosti to be joined by Morphotonix at PharmaPack 2021

Beat the counterfeits with multi-level security embedded in moulded items. Morphotonix joins Rosti to demonstrate how they can provide manufacturers with a safe and reliable way forward to protect brands.

Mark Wrigley, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing at Rosti Group, will be joined by Veronica Savu, Co-Founder and CEO of Morphotonix, a Swiss based multi-level security brand protection company at the PharmaPack show. Rosti Group and Morphotonix are collaborating on the important issue of tackling counterfeit products in the medical industry.

Plastics components within the medical industry must adhere to and maintain strict standards to ensure user safety. It can be easy, however, for counterfeit products to infiltrate the market, thus putting customers at risk.

The Morphotonix technology ensures multi-level brand protection securing all polymers with zero consumables. The technology is so safe it can also be applied to pharmaceutical pills. With Morphotonix technology, Rosti can integrate multi-level security directly into moulded items in the standard production line – no post-processing, no additives – protecting consumers and the brand counterfeits.

Morphotonix engraves unique markings on steel tooling’s used for plastic injection, thermo-forming/sealing, and blow moulding. The markings are replicated into the plastic (the ‘where’ depends on the partners requirements) and enable product authentication via visible diffractive designs, and invisible micro/nano-text and images, which can be detected by various means.

Pushing the boundaries in the fight against the fakes, Morphotonix solutions bring passport-level security features to moulded commercial products and packaging through seamless production integration. The technology’s low carbon footprint provides manufacturers with a head start in achieving sustainability and better business goals.

In 2020, Rosti was selected by a US based company to produce a 15 minute COVID test kit. Rosti Group has established Digital Innovation Labs in Poland and China, with a 3rd being set up in Boston, USA, to deliver on rapid turn around projects not just for COVID but for any number of pharma and medical applications. The issue of security has become central to ensuring product safety in the marketplace and the collaboration with Morphotonix is one part of the Rosti Group strategy to tackle counterfeits.

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