Rosti’s 6 R’s of Sustainability

Our Sustainability Framework sets out the role and responsibility of each individual within the business, using the Rosti 6R’s to make “greener” choices from Concept to Reality.

Replace and Respect

Where possible, we choose new renewable materials to lower the CO2 impact of our solutions with recycled, reprocessed, BIO and renewable materials.

This has also seen our engineers help customers to replace high CO2 plastics and metal parts with innovative design and plastic material options which reduce CO2 over the life cycle of the product.

Our mission is to review, assess and replace elements of our operation, which also extends to our supply chain and packaging. Better understanding of our supply chains has enabled us to introduce returnable packaging, improve pack density and material supply optimisation in order to further reduce CO2 emissions generated during our global logistics operation.

By controlling our resin bead through Operation Clean Sweep and Lean principles of eliminating waste using the Rosti Values and Behaviours to strength our foundations.

Reduce and Reuse

All of our global production facilities are energy intensive with high volume and automated manufacturing processes. We carefully fit the right process to the right product to reduce energy inputs, lowering our CO2 footprint and that of our customers.

Light weighting of products through innovative tooling and construction solutions has allowed us to reduce the reliance on virgin material as well as logistics impacts.

By reducing the weight of products, we are removing excess material from the complete supply chain to reach an end user or consumer, therefore reducing the emissions created in this process.

One of our prime focuses, is on producing high quality parts the first time, reducing the quantity of scrap, or wasted products. Our Innovation Centre and cutting-edge prototyping capabilities allow Rosti to test and analyse products using production ready materials, making changes and alterations before going into full-scale production.

Through analysis of our energy consumption and production plans, we have implemented measure to Turn Off or Turn Down when systems are not in use to reduce our energy consumption.

Recycle and Recover

Where we have waste, segregation for recovery is mandatory to lessen our impact within the community in which we operate.

Recycling and reprocessing of scrap materials saves virgin material from entering the supply chain and the environment. We use inline recycling equipment to eliminate contamination but also regrind material externally to reintroduce to our products.

Waste stream management gives us full visibility of where our waste goes and we work to eliminate these sources through the Rosti Lean Sigma program and focussed sustainability events, our ultimate target is to have Zero Waste to landfill.

Our Lean and Continuous Improvement Principles aligned to I Connect, I Improve, I Deliver engages people to eliminate waste and work hand in hand with our sustainability ambitions, the 6R’s giving us a mindset to consider all options and make the “greener” choices throughout our product and process design managed through Executive Management review of our Sustainability Key Performance Indicators.

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Dean Ward Sustainability Strategy
Dean Ward

Continuous Improvement Director