The award of the ‘Ambassador of the Polish Economy’ goes to…Rosti Poland

Rosti Poland receives the title of Ambassador of the Polish Economy 2022 in the category of Partner of Foreign Companies

About the award

The Ambassador of the Polish Economy is a nationwide competition organized by the Business Center Club. Its aim is to distinguish and promote successful entrepreneurs on international markets, as well as to promote high economic and financial standards as well as good business practices in foreign contacts. The competition also aims to promote Poland in the international arena as a reliable economic partner.

The title of the Ambassador of the Polish Economy is awarded in six categories: Exporter, Global Company, Creator of 21st Century Solutions, European Brand, Highest Quality and Partner of Foreign Companies.

The Ambassador of the Polish Economy

The award goes to…Rosti Poland!

We are pleased to announce that Rosti Poland received the title of Ambassador of the Polish Economy 2022 in the category of Partner of Foreign Companies. The Partner of Foreign Companies category – this is an award for companies that promote the Polish economy through business activities undertaken jointly with foreign companies.

The award ceremony of “Ambassador of the Polish Economy” took a place on June 1 at the Lubomirski Palace in Warsaw, Poland. 
​​​​​​​On behalf of Rosti Poland, the award and congratulations were collected by Michał Lubik, Managing Director.

Award Winners

I am very pleased that our company has been appreciated by the jury of the competition. With precision injection moulding at our core, we deliver sustainable supply chain solutions through design support, manufacturing, quality and logistics – From concept to reality – to foreign companies.
 The received award confirms that Rosti Poland, which is among the best and fastest growing companies in Poland, is a worthy representative of Poland on foreign markets. The received award is also a motivation to make international contacts even more dynamically.​​​​​​​ ”     
Michał Lubik, Managing Director Rosti Poland

From the left: Jacek Goliszewski – President of the Business Center Club, Michał Lubik – Managing Director of Rosti Poland and Grażyna Magdziak, Chairman of the Jury of the APG competition, co-founder of BCC.
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Rosti - Michał Lubik
Michal Lubik

Managing Director Rosti Poland