Sustainable Injection Moulding

How do you identify a sustainable plastic injection moulding partner?

At Rosti Group, we are committed to continually reducing our impact on the environment, including how we operate as a business as well as considering the sustainability options from raw materials, process choices and the products we produce.

Our aim is to help customers achieve their sustainability objectives as well as achieving our own.

Working collaboratively achieves sustainability objectives

The Rosti team invest time to fully understand your specific sustainability objectives to ensure we are meeting your requirements as well as providing suggestions on how Rosti Group can go further than your objectives.

With production facilities strategically located across the globe, we can help you to manufacture in or near to your customers and key markets reducing supply chain impacts and improving security. Our internal Production Transfer team has a wealth of experience, enabling you to relocate production to Europe, Asia or USA.

Localising production near to your markets reduces the CO2 impact of shipping products across the globe, reducing logistics costs and the carbon footprint of each product or part.

Design-led Processes

With our cutting-edge Innovation Centres and product testing capabilities, our design-first approach enables us to focus on the sustainability element at each stage of a product’s lifecycle.

When assisting customers in selecting the appropriate materials, we focus on ensuring materials meet customer specifications and safety standards as well as carefully considering the environmental impact, both in production, during use and recyclability at the end of the product’s life.

The same applies when relocating production, through our design capabilities we will ensure all processes and materials are accurately transferred to maintain sustainability credentials.

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Recyclable & Reusable Material Selection

Sourcing recyclable and reusable materials to mould is now imperative so that products and components are 100% recyclable at the end of their lifecycle.

We review and test a wide variety of materials to be able to offer the most environmentally friendly resins and plastics. Our attention is focused on identifying materials that meet rigorous safety and quality standards, with our own internal testing, only a small number reach the stage of being put into production. So, you can be assured, that your products are being manufactured using the appropriate material to limit the environmental impact

When sourcing materials, we use our 6R’s of Sustainability to critique raw materials to maintain high sustainability standards, replacing high CO2 and metal parts with reprocessed or renewable materials whilst considering waste reduction and recycling.

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How does Rosti reduce and remove waste? 

As a result of our considered approach to materials selection, waste is now being recycled into a high standard material that can be reused in the same process, helping to optimise and reduce the virgin material content.

We further contribute to the circular economy through our capabilities to recycle, repair and remodel products for our customers to resell. This extends the lifetime of products and reduces the need to replace and dispose of old products.

Efficient Injection Moulding Capabilities 

We are committed to helping our clients adopt increasingly environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Rosti Group does this by investing in energy-efficient machinery and tooling whilst introducing new innovative processes such as Rapid Heat Cycle Moulding (RHCM) technologies.

RHCM is a rapid hot water process which removes the need for additional processes for a part or product, in turn reducing the energy required and the carbon footprint of a particular item.

We are continually reviewing our production sites to transition to renewable energy sources and offset our carbon footprint through proactive initiatives such as tree planting. Rosti Poland is proud to have planned over 10,000 trees in the local area surrounding the site.

Virtual Tours and Audits

In recent years, we have developed robust and detailed Virtual Tours and Audits to maintain communication with our customers to discuss projects and check production.

As a result, this reduces air travel and the associated carbon emissions generated whilst continuing to build relationships with colleagues in other sites and our customers.

We have the ability to provide detailed factory floor walk-throughs, allowing customers to interact and ask questions of engineers, providing a like-for-like experience of an in-person site visit.

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