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What are the benefits of reshoring injection moulding production to the UK?

In recent months, we have seen an increase in the appetite for global companies to reshore production of injection moulded products and parts to the UK. This is also a trend we are seeing with global customers who want to localise their production and assembly near to their customer base. 

A recent survey by Make UK reported that 75% of companies have increased the number of British suppliers over the past two years, reducing the reliance on low cost production regions such as Asia. The emphasis on a race to the bottom is now causing problems in the supply chain – perceived cost benefits of manufacturing overseas are no longer what they were. 

We have dissected a number of the key influences in this shift change and consider how Rosti UK can support you with your reshoring requirements. 

Why is reshoring production to the UK a key strategy?

Logistics and shipping across the globe is now more challenging and expensive than ever before. The global economy has also experienced a shortage of goods because of the pandemic with several sectors still experiencing such issues. 

We are also seeing shifting political headwinds in Asia with tariffs and energy restrictions being imposed as well as the tariffs and delays in Europe due to BREXIT,

Low cost production in Asia is increasingly becoming unattractive due to increasing costs and difficulties in sourcing raw materials. This has led to significant disruption to global supply chains and issues surround the quality of materials.

This is now forcing customers to reconsider how and where injection moulded products are manufactured.

More locally in the UK and Europe, Brexit has added layers of complexity and paperwork in importing goods and raw materials, leading to delays and challenges in sourcing from the continent into the UK, not to mention the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine adding further market pressures. 

How can Rosti UK help you to relocate production in the UK?

With our market leading injection moulding capabilities, combined with our capacity at our Stamford Bridge production facility, the experienced team we have in place are a trusted pair of hands you can rely on. 

We provide a full-turnkey service from product design and material sourcing through to production and logistics, providing customers with a streamline and established process to help them maintain continuity in the quality of goods and a reliable supply chain. 

Having a dedicated internal Production Transfer Team, who have a proven track record in relocating production to Rosti facilities across the globe, you have the confidence that relocating to the UK will be a seamless project with very limited risk of disruption to your supply to customers. 

As a leading global injection moulding supplier, you have a global partner coupled with local market knowledge and skills that you can access. 

Sustainability is the heart of our business, not only reducing our own impact on the environment but also continuously collaborating with customers to reduce their own carbon footprint. Relocating production to the UK will significantly reduce the emissions and environmental impact of shipping across the globe, as well as shortening lead times. 

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