Rosti Sweden LTA

Rosti Sweden pass 500 days milestone without Loss Time Accidents

Ensuring the safety of our workforce is our utmost priority. It is imperative that every employee works in an environment that is free from potential hazards, thereby preventing any Lost Time Accidents (LTA). In line with our Continuous Improvement strategy, we monitor LTA daily as a crucial Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

We firmly believe that our employees are our most asset, and their well-being and safety are paramount to the success of our organization. Workplace safety is not only a moral and ethical obligation, but it is also crucial for maintaining a productive and efficient workforce.

Unsafe work environments can result in a decline in employee morale, increased absenteeism, and decreased productivity. In addition, workplace accidents can result in significant financial losses due to insurance claims, compensation, and regulatory penalties.

To ensure that we maintain a safe working environment, we prioritize total participation from all employees. This approach encourages a culture of safety, where every employee takes responsibility for their safety and the safety of their colleagues.

Rosti Gislaved LTA

Rosti Sweden provide regular training and awareness programs to promote a safe working environment and encourage all employees to actively participate in identifying potential hazards and implementing measures to mitigate them.

In conclusion, safety is a crucial aspect of our operations, and we are committed to continuously improving our safety practices. Our focus on safety not only ensures the well-being of our employees but also contributes to the overall success and sustainability of our organization.