medical solutions sector Mateusz Surmacz

Mateusz Surmacz shares insight into Medical Solutions growth 

Mateusz Surmacz discusses the key areas of growth in the global medical solutions sector and how Rosti’s Clean Room capabilities support customers plastic injection moulding requirements. 

With the opening of Rosti’s first Clean Room in Europe, our medical production capabilities are strategically located across the globe to support the contract manufacturing needs of our both current and new customers. 

In what areas of the medical solutions sector are Rosti Group seeing most growth? 

Overall, the medical solutions sector is constantly evolving, and new technologies and innovations are emerging at a rapid pace across the globe.

We are seeing significant growth in a number of areas across the medical sector including telemedicine and digital health. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of telemedicine as a way for healthcare providers to remotely consult with patients. Remote Patient Monitoring solutions are increasingly being used in medical devices, providing healthcare professionals with real-time data without seeing the patient in person. 

There is a constant trajectory of growth in the diagnostics industry, especially in Point-of-Care diagnostics which allows for quick and accurate testing. 

Evolving the technology that is used by both medical professionals and patients in their own homes, has driven the need for integrated technology and electronics within injection moulded products which house the electronics. 

As well as the rise in innovative medical solutions, Rosti Group has also seen demand for diagnostic imaging equipment, monitoring devices and therapeutic equipment. 

With our production capabilities strategically located across the world, our medical solutions team is ideally positioned to support the needs of the medical solutions sector. We are now seeing production being rapidly scaled up as global demand increases. Our Clean Production facilities continue to support our current customers as well as the European clean room providing additional capacity in the coming months.

How do Rosti support customers with material selection in the medical solutions sector?

We collaborate and have strong working relationships with the leading material producers across the world, using over 1000 different materials within our manufacturing plants. 

Utilising our material expertise combined with experience within the medical solutions industry, our engineers support customers through specific and detailed analysis of materials. During the validation process, we advise on the benefits and potential negatives from different producers. 

As the sustainable impact of products and operations of pharmaceutical companies rises in importance, transitioning to sustainable green materials is an area we are continuously supporting customers with. With medical certification a must and the medical industry using the same materials for long periods of time, our engineers have a clearly defined process to test, analyse and transition to new materials which meet both national and international standards. 

Why do medical customers choose to partner with Rosti? 

With a diverse portfolio of customers across all major sectors across the globe, combined with our cutting-edge Digital Innovation Centre and injection moulding capabilities, our global team brings unique knowledge and expertise to the medical sector. This is complemented by the detailed development of our medical culture and mindset. 

Our customers in the medical sector have been drawn to our well-established NPI process. We have a great deal of experience and expertise across our global team handling complex and large scale NPI projects in all major sectors.

A refined and detailed process which has been developed over a number of years provides a clear and consistent approach to develop, analyse and prepare for manufacture. This provides customers with clarity on our approach, ensuring they know their products and innovations are in a safe pair of hands to take a product to market. 

How will the new Clean Room in Europe benefit and strengthen how Rosti supports the medical solutions sector? 

We are excited to open the doors to the first European Clean Room production facility in Rosti Poland in the coming months. This will provide customers with the ability and capacity to produce medical devices and technologies in Europe for the local and international markets. 

Adopting a modular design approach for the cleanroom allows the clean room layout of machines and tooling is agile and we aren’t limited to a certain machine tonnage. This agile approach further enhances how we will be able to collaborate with customers depending on their requirements.

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medical solutions sector Mateusz Surmacz
Mateusz Surmacz

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