Rosti China contract manufacturing

Rosti China provides market-leading plastic injection moulding capabilities for the medical solutions sector

Rosti China provides market-leading plastic injection moulding capabilities for the medical solutions sector from our  25,000 m2 ISO 13485-certified facility, one of the largest production sites in the Rosti Group.

Rosti China continuously innovates and evolves to be a global leader in innovative and data-driven plastic injection moulding, providing customers with both the capacity and expertise to design and manufacture medical devices, technologies and solutions. 

Our highly knowledgeable team possesses a medical culture and mindset, which, combined with our Class 8 clean room production facilities, provides customers with a safe pair of hands they can trust to meet their required compliance standards. 

Medical Solution Devices Compliance

As an injection moulding partner for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors for two decades, working with the leading pharmaceutical brands, we continuously maintain, implement and work to the latest national and international compliance standards and accreditations. 

Rosti China’s medical manufacturing assembly and testing facilities feature the most advanced tooling that meets ISO 13485 standards, our ISP 14644-1 certified classroom, solid quality systems and innovative precision manufacturing processes. All of these key features ensure Rosti China is a trusted medical solutions contract manufacturing partner. 

Medical Solutions Contract Manufacturing Partner

From our Suxhou facility, our team provide a complete turn-key contract manufacturing service, supporting customers with design and testing in our Digital Innovation Lab, through to cutting-edge automated injection moulding capabilities in our medical clean room as well as validation and logistics support.

Alongside our production services, we have expertise and knowledge in project management and production transfer, to provide support with tooling engineering and management, and global procurement. 

In Rosti China, our facility comprises of 114 injection moulding machines and capabilities spanning – 

  • Product and process development 
  • LSR production
  • Multi-shot injection moulding 
  • IMD 
  • Tooling 

Digital Innovation Lab

With advances in technology and the pace of change in the medical solutions world, the need for rapid testing and analysis is imperative. Our Digital Innovation capabilities in China allow us to support customers with speed to market and meet compliance and tolerance requirements in the medical sector.

Our 72-hour from concept to reality process, enables us to design, prototype, test and analyse injection moulded devices and parts so that they ensure production ready. This saves significant amounts of time and money, whilst also realising a range of production efficiencies.