Rosti Germany plastic injection moulding

Spotlight on Rosti Germany

From Rosti Germany, our injection moulding facility in Dresden, we provide a comprehensive range of contract manufacturing services and automated moulding capabilities, predominantly for the food and beverage packaging market, producing over 4 billion closures annually.

In our 8,700m2 plant, we have 1k and 2k moulding capabilities with high cavitation up to 72, combined with rapid cycle times of up to 2.6 seconds. Our high production standards coupled with a focus on customer orientation ensure the consistent quality and reliability of production, allowing our customers to realise the cost efficiencies of our automated production. 

Sustainable Injection Moulding 

At Rosti Germany, we pride ourselves on the success and continuous improvement of our sustainability measures, reducing the impact of the plant on the environment and supporting customers to produce greener products and components that are less harmful to the environment whilst also meeting the end users’ environmental expectations. 

This commitment is demonstrated through the certifications the site holds including Sedex, Ecrovadis Gold Award and ISO 14001. 

Our team in Dresden have a wealth of experience in using sustainable resins, helping customers transition to using environmentally friendly produced and fully recyclable materials. 

Continuously developing operations 

One of Dresden’s key objectives is to continue to analyse, test and implement processes to reduce the CO2 footprint, by combining our engineering expertise in Germany and investing in new production methods. 

To support our existing customers and grow the site, we aim to improve efficiencies through investment in the digitalisation of our production capabilities.

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Torsten Schubert

MD Rosti GP Germany