Multi-K Injection Moulding

What are the advantages of Multi-K injection moulding?

At Rosti Group, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in supporting our clients to realise the benefits of Multi-K injection moulding, across our global footprint of manufacturing facilities.

We work closely with our customers to transition to Multi-K (multi-shot) injection moulding, including 2k, 3k and 4k moulds, combining multiple materials and finishes. 

We explore why you should consider adopting Multi-K injection moulding – 

Improved Product Quality & Durability 

By using multiple materials, multi-shot injection moulding can enhance product performance and quality. The process enables tighter tolerances, reduced assembly steps, and improved overall aesthetics. 

Multi-k injection moulding creates a strong bond between multiple materials in a single mould, resulting in durable and reliable products. 

Cost Savings and Time Efficiencies

Although Multi-K injection moulding may have higher upfront tooling costs, it can often result in cost savings over the product lifecycle, by eliminating further manufacturing and assembly processes, reducing part count, and improving production efficiency. As a result,  multi-shot moulding can reduce overall manufacturing costs. 

Compared to traditional assembly methods, Multi-K injection moulding reduces the time required for production. With a single mould and a simultaneous injection process, multiple components can be produced in a single cycle. This leads to faster production rates and shorter lead times, improving the speed to market in a competitive commercial environment. 

Sustainable Plastic Injection Moulding 

Multi-k injection moulding enables the consolidation of multiple components into a single part, reducing material waste. By eliminating the need for separate parts and minimising scrap generated during production, Multi-K moulding helps optimise material usage.

The process can be more energy-efficient compared to assembling multiple components separately, as well as the energy used in assembly, and transportation.

Multi-k injection moulding can also contribute to the overall sustainability of a product throughout its lifecycle. By producing durable and high-quality parts, it can enhance product longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements. At Rosti, we are also able to introduce recycled or biodegradable materials, further enhancing the environmental sustainability of the final product.