Rosti Group Sustainability Strategy

Rosti Group’s Sustainability Strategy – the right thing to do

Sustainability is no longer simply a topic that is only talked about in an aspirational way. Implementing measures that make a significant difference to the environment is now at the top of the global agenda.

As a plastic injection moulding business, Rosti is responsible for ensuring our operations, behaviours and what we produce have little to no harmful impact on the environment.

Sustainability is an important aspect of our ‘Concept to Reality’ value proposition, with a broad range of sustainable solutions built in from the concept stage, to ensure every aspect is as environmentally friendly as possible.

We are delighted for Ian Farquhar, Head of Sustainability & European Operations Director, to join the Rosti team and lead our Sustainability Strategy both internally with our people and externally supporting customers to achieve their green objectives.

As Ian looks to evolve and drive forward the Rosti Sustainability Strategy, there are four core themes that Rosti are concentrating on –

Lighter products = less material

Through intelligent engineering and design, we are supporting customers to lightweight their products to reduce the volume of material required, without altering performance or product lifespan.

Lighter products save the raw material needed and energy required in the processes to manufacture them. Thus reducing the energy required in the injection moulding process as well as being more easily recyclable when needed to be disposed of.

A further benefit is that it will reduce the associated emissions generated when being transported.

Recyclable products

We are collaborating with customers to design and manufacture products which are 100% recyclable. Rosti already manufactures products with 100% bio-based resins which we have tested, analysed and validated to be used in production. Decorated products are notoriously difficult to recycle with mixed materials used in film decoration layers. Our innovation teams have developed mono-material technologies allowing high-quality decoration whilst delivering a 100% easy recyclable product.

Making solutions for the circular economy

There is a need to look further than the sustainability credentials of just the products we produce and our injection moulding processes.

Utilising our global engineering expertise, we partner with customers to review all facets of a product to ensure it contributes to a circular economy, from inception and design to recycling and reusability.

Rosti partners with customers to consider the whole-life implications of their products. This includes solutions for recovery & remanufacturing of components into new products. We are proud to already have collaborations where we recover products from service, recondition components and return them into the market. This solution has a massive impact on carbon emissions

Increasing adoption of recycled material

Replacing virgin material with recycled alternatives doesn’t need to compromise quality or performance. Rosti has the engineering & technical pedigree to deliver high performing product from recycled material

This not only delivers a transformational change with regard to sustainability targets, but it also provides significant opportunities to reduce costs too.