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Working with Rosti, you can be sure of the highest level of quality at all Rosti sites around the world.  We work in compliance with the highest quality standards, from both a product and process perspective, and it goes without saying that we provide clean, safe, healthy environments for all our colleagues.

With a focus on precision and sustainability, Rosti focuses on delivering zero defects to our customers, in keeping with our “Right First Time” process quality concept. This demands not only scientific quality planning and advanced manufacturing analysis, but also the highest level of commitment to the technical development of our personnel. That is why we provide our staff with specialised training with a focus on zero PPM capability.


In-process control methods

In order to maintain the highest standards, our process capabilities are carefully monitored using in-process control methods, poka yoke devices and verified by 3D laser-guided measuring tools.  And as our customer, you can expect detailed control plans to ensure we meet and exceed your exacting standards.



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Rosti Expert Analytical Systems

Through the use of the most advanced analytical tools, we can predict material costs, process time and process yield prior to commencement, so you can be sure of optimal design solutions prior to investment. While our expert analytical systems are most effective used at the concept stage as a “front end” development service, for any existing production challenges you may experience, we can help.

Through the use of advanced software, Rosti delivers expert analysis in three distinct areas:

  • Modelling & CAD – with inter-operabillity in Unigraphics NX, Pro E and Catia, we can interface with your designers and engineers anywhere around the world.
  • Ansys Finite Element Analysis – validates functionality in design, ensuring both new and modifies products are fit for purpose.
  • Autodesk Modflow Insight (AMI) – part and mould tool optimisation are undertaken by our expert team to avoid risks and maximise the process capability window for consistent high quality final products.