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Assembly is the final production stage before your product reaches your customers, so it is essential that you get it right. Rosti deliver quality by using innovative technology as part of an integrated manufacturing chain, to make sure that your customers’ first experience of your finished product is a positive one.

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Integrate your production process with Rosti


Our expertise extends far beyond injection moulding, and by working with us throughout the entire production process we can add value every step of the way.

When Rosti handle both moulding and final assembly, we shorten your supply chain and increase efficiency. Integrating these production stages lets us tackle your project with more flexibility, helping us to reduce waste and, ultimately, improve margins. We dependably deliver box build solutions, where we handle all post-moulding activities through to testing, packing and order fulfilment.

We can, of course, manage your project from the beginning and throughout the entire product life cycle. We specialise in working closely with our clients to take their products from concept to reality.

Innovation and excellence for projects of any size

By managing your project from design to distribution, Rosti delivers the efficiency benefits of an integrated supply chain. At the assembly stage, all our sites around the world deliver an exceptional service.

We operate manual, semi-automated and fully automated assembly lines and cells. This includes everything from simple manual two-component assembly all the way to multi-billion component in-line projects, complete with optical inspection and comprehensive testing. Our decision-making about the most efficient assembly method is based on sound business intelligence, that we draw from production metrics from ongoing and previous projects. We operate according to lean management principles and approach every assembly project with flexibility: we can employ any number of innovative assembly technologies to deliver your desired product efficiently and sustainably.

Rosti assembles finished products for multinational companies with worldwide distribution needs, all the way down to small local businesses. Regardless of size, your company can get the benefits of the continuous improvement of yields and quality that we have accumulated over decades.

Assembly and beyond

At our sites throughout the world, we provide innovative assembly and project management services, including:

  • Manual, semi-automated, and fully-automated assembly lines and cells
  • Full measurement reports
  • Process capability studies (Cp and Cpk)
  • Measurement system analysis (MSA)
  • Gage repeatability and reproducibility studies (R&R)
  • Heating and temperature resistance tests
  • Engineering build tests
  • Life tests
  • Packaging (including packaging tests)


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