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Clean room production

Your entire production can be done in hygienic conditions with Rosti’s clean room facilities and controlled areas. Certified by national and international standards, they minimize contamination for manufacturing in the pharmaceutical, medical, food and beverage, and electronics industries.

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Rosti - Ke Rong
Ke Rong

Regional Operations Director
Packaging and Life Science

The optimal level of protection for your product

Rosti have both the facilities and the expertise to carry out your entire manufacturing cycle in clean rooms that minimize the risk of contamination. The clean rooms across our global sites are suitable for a range of applications and hygiene requirements.

Our highest level of hygiene is offered in our China site – our clean room meets the ISO 14644 Class 7 requirement, and our quality management system is approved for the manufacture of medical devices (ISO 13485).

As well as a stringent limit on particulates, it complies with additional requirements, with over 60 air changes per hour and a separate room for gowning.

This level of hygiene is higher than necessary for most applications of course, so we also have sites that provide optimal conditions in accordance with your needs. For example, we provide hygiene-controlled facilities that are specifically designed for food and beverage products and packaging and are certified by American (FDA), British (BRC / IoP) and Chinese (QS) institutes.

Expertise beyond equipment

Certified clean rooms are essential in many industries, but they serve no purpose without the expertise to operate them safely and efficiently. From years of experience, Rosti have devised and continually improved operating procedures that ensure regulatory compliance. Our dedication to continuous improvement applies to our employees too – Rosti staff are extensively trained and updated on new developments. In addition, documented daily quality control checks are done at all our sites, to make sure that procedures are followed at all times.

The result for our customers is a service that goes beyond regulatory obligations, to deliver industry best practice cleanliness and hygiene in manufacturing.

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