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Continuous improvement

At all our facilities across the globe, we strive to improve in all aspects of our operations. This involves process improvements in the way we work with our equipment, and personal development for our employees. We insist that our leadership teams push themselves too, and demand that they share best practice among their staff, to continually strengthen our operational performance. Our dedicated Continuous Improvement team is responsible for promoting this approach throughout Rosti Group.

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Dean Ward Sustainability Strategy
Dean Ward

Continuous Improvement Director

Tools and methods to push us forward

At Rosti, we use lean tools and techniques to improve our procedures and to encourage everyone to make a difference every day. With the Rosti Lean Sigma program, we train and develop our staff from their first day at work, in order to foster a working culture that is collaborative and analytical.

In addition to promoting the values inherent in the Rosti Way (passion, integrity, partnership and excellence), we use lean management techniques to ensure that we learn from our experiences and progress individually and as an organisation.

We have made significant investment in our continuous improvements programme, and we benchmark our progress against world-class standards of production and health and safety every 6 months. Results are shared and compared internally, and measured against our customers’ expectations and perceptions, to ensure best practice is transferred quickly throughout our business.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) and our internal lean assessment benchmark scores are visible at all our facilities to encourage consistent and reliable performance across the group, but also to promote positive internal competition. It’s all part of our effort to become the best we can be – individually, as a team, and as an organisation.

Functions of the continuous improvement team

  • Lean Tools and Techniques
  • Sustainability
  • Health and safety

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