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As a company that delivers genuine end-to-end injection moulding services, we bring a unique perspective and understanding to product design. The guidance we provide during the design phase emphasises innovation, performance and sustainability, and we try to find ways to embed these values in the entire project. The result is a product design that is perfectly aligned with the production process, for streamlined manufacturing and less waste.

Saving you money,
materials and time

With decades of experience in injection moulding, we can see the opportunities and risks in every project from a very early stage. By partnering with Rosti at the beginning of your project, you not only get design support from skilled engineers and designers, but you also get insight from a supply and manufacturing perspective. Co-developing your product with Rosti helps to streamline production, reduce waste, and ultimately save time and money.

With our scope of expertise, we can deliver total solutions – from concept to reality – while letting you decide how much day-to-day involvement you want to have. You can even consult us after the design phase has begun. We are happy to meet with you and your designer to discuss the feasibility of your project, and identify the performance and sustainability issues that are likely to affect it.

Rely on Rosti’s expertise and analytics

We have a skilled and highly competent team of designers and engineers, who are capable of both developing innovative ideas and optimising your product design.

They are supported by customised software solutions that bring your ideas to life. Rosti Expert Analytical Systems, for example, is a suite of tools for component design and tool optimisation. We also use a customised version of Autodesk Moldflow Insight and Moldex to simulate production and troubleshoot problems before manufacturing kicks off. The goals of this approach are to streamline production, reduce costs and avoid the risks you might otherwise encounter when working with new materials, tools and processes.

The value of prototyping

As total solution providers we understand the value of quick, accurate prototyping, so we have two different approaches that we apply according to the demands of your project.

We often work with a select group of specialised suppliers to provide a quick and cost-effective service in prototyping. We have also developed our own direct digital manufacturing (DDM) procedures, that allows us to create prototypes using 3D printing, removing the need for investment in traditional tooling. We work with different prototype materials and methods to provide you with a prototyping service that is appropriate to your project’s needs.

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