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In-mould decoration (IMD)

Rosti’s in-mould decoration technology gives you the freedom to design elaborate, colourful graphics and integrate them with your product. Through years of research and development, we have perfected a method that is effective, reliable and economical.

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Design freedom for your product

You can decorate your components with detailed images, by integrating them during the production phase. In-mould decoration (IMD) is a technique that can, if performed correctly, give your products long-lasting, vibrant graphics, without the need for adhesives or post-production printing.

For years, Rosti have researched and experimented with different materials and processes, to refine our IMD technique. As a result, we can now offer a reliable, cost-effective service at our sites throughout the world. The Rosti approach streamlines your production process and reduces operational costs, while delivering outstanding image quality.

How in-mould decoration works

In-mould decoration is a difficult technique to master, but a simple one to understand. The illustration below shows how decorated finishes can be bonded on to plastic components during production.

A pre-printed label or decorated film is inserted into the open mould (1), and held in place with vacuum ports, an electrostatic charge, or some alternative method (2). The mould is then closed, and plastic resin is injected (3). This permanently bonds the decoration to the plastic component. The mould then opens to release the component (4). A new pre-printed label or decorated film is inserted, ready for the next component to be created. In this illustration, the labels are printed on a reel-to-reel film, so the next label is put in place by winding the film downwards.

Decoration or labelling?

There can sometimes be a little confusion around the names used for different injection moulding techniques. At Rosti, we use clear definitions for in-mould decoration and in-mould labelling to avoid any misunderstanding.
In-mould decoration involves using a polymer carrier, usually on a reel-to-reel device, to integrate graphics onto components. The carrier (or film) normally contains multiple versions of the design, so several components can be created from a single continuous film.

In-mould labelling involves incorporating or embedding an object (most commonly a label) on to the surface of components. Unlike with in-mould decoration, each label has to be individually produced before it can be integrated onto a component.

In-mould decoration

  • Experience new design possibilities
  • Eliminate post-moulding labour
  • Streamline production to reduce costs

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