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Injection blow moulding

Rosti’s continual investment in innovative technology has enabled us to provide our customers with injection blow moulding is a well-established method for producing single-use bottles, but Rosti’s continuous investment and research in this area means that we also use this technique in innovative ways to make lighting products and heavy-duty alternatives to glass.

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Regional Technical Director Asia

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European Technical Director

How does injection blow moulding work?

Injection blow moulding with Rosti lets you mass-produce hollow items in large volumes, cost-effectively with little waste.

It is a technique that is easy to understand, but difficult to master. It involves shaping the elastomer into a pre-form – this is essentially a tube of resin that will expand to become the finished product. The pre-form is inserted into the mould, and compressed air is then blown into it. Once it is fully expanded, the mould is opened and the moulded item is ejected.

The item is formed by being pressed against the inside of mould. That means that with careful toolmaking, we can give your product a beautiful, smooth finish without additional processing.

How Rosti have pushed the boundaries of injection blow moulding

Since its invention, this technique has mostly been used to make single-use plastic bottles. Rosti have been adapting and refining our injection blow moulding technique for many years, and as a result our methodology is reliable and versatile.

For instance, we can create bottles with varying thickness. This could be useful if you want to produce bottles that are thicker around the neck, to ensure that the neck is not a weak spot. Alternatively, you might need your bottles to have a heavier bottom, or to have greater tensile and burst strengths to contain carbonated drinks.

Beyond this, we have made innovative use of different materials and resins. We have developed the mass-production of glass-like, thick-walled transparent plastics for use in reusable water bottles and lighting products. Through the controlled blowing of partially hardened plastic, we can manufacture attractive products with different colour and transparency.

Finding the right method for you

Above all, Rosti prides itself on leading our customers from concept to reality. We use our years of experience to advise you of the right material, thickness, shape, and tool design to meet your needs.
We are available throughout the entire process, to make sure that you get the right end-product for your needs and goals.

It is possible that we will discover during the design process that another moulding technique would be better for your project. That is one of the benefits of working with a partner with such a wide range of knowledge, experience and capabilities – by seeing the big picture we can help you to create your product in the most efficient way possible.

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