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Liquid silicon rubber (LSR)

Since its invention in the mid-20th century, the demand for liquid silicone rubber has grown and grown. That’s not a surprise when you consider its physical qualities and the range of applications it can serve. Rosti’s customers appreciate the reliability and quality that we always deliver, so it’s no surprise that our impact on the LSR market is growing too.

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Rosti - John Kidd
John Kidd

Regional Technical Director Asia

Rosti - Tony Austin
Tony Austin

European Technical Director

The endless possibilities of liquid silicone rubber

The growing popularity of LSR products can be explained by its range of exceptional properties. LSR compounds are highly durable and resistant to extreme temperatures and environments. They are strong, flexible and stable. They can be electrical and thermal insulators. They are highly inert, biocompatible and hypoallergenic. They can be produced in any imaginable colour. And from a production perspective, LSR items can be made in high volumes with fast cycle times, automated processes and little waste.

So, it’s easy to see why LSR products have become so popular in so many industries. LSR compounds are useful in the medical, cosmetics and food industries because they are non-reactive and non-toxic. In the automotive industry, their heat-resistance makes them ideal for use close to engines. They are useful in any application that involves electricity.

Quite simply, LSR is a material that can be used for an immeasurable number of applications – on condition that you consult with industry experts about its suitability and production.

Perfecting the LSR production process

With the benefit of years spent researching and developing LSR moulding methods, Rosti provides an exceptionally reliable and high-quality contract manufacturing service.

With Rosti, you can expect to be supported by LSR experts all the way through the planning and manufacture of your items. You can avoid costly design, toolmaking and production errors by consulting with knowledgeable specialists, anywhere in the world.

We have experience of successfully producing the most challenging LSR products, including producing very small, extra-soft parts – we have reliably produced LSR items as small as 1g, and as soft as 10A (on the Shore A hardness scale). With our global network of suppliers and toolmakers, we are also the most reliable partner in the market for high-volume LSR production.

Whether you are looking for intricate, complex products or something much simpler, liquid silicone rubber could be the right choice of material. We have no doubt that Rosti is the right choice of production partner, so get in touch to find out how we can turn your designs into reality.

Liquid silicone rubber applications

LSR is an extraordinarily versatile material that can be used in many industries and applications.

  • Healthcare
    • skin contact devices
    • wearable technology
  • Automotive
    • Connector seals and grommets
    • Interior cushioning and vibration
  • Consumer goods
    • Cookware
    • Cosmetics applicators and brushes
    • Baby toys and feeding products
  • Electrical
    • Cable insulators
    • Lightbulb shells and shades

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