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For many years Rosti has conducted Lunch and Learn events at the offices of our customers, potential customers and design partners. During your lunch break, we can talk about technological developments and process innovations in our industries. Because we serve so many different markets, we have access to technologies that can transfer to different segments. That makes these sessions a great way to find out about technologies outside your normal area of expertise.

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Rosti - Mark Wrigley
Mark Wrigley

SVP Sales & Marketing

Sharing ideas and building relationships

At Rosti, we take every opportunity to sit down and talk with our customers. With our Lunch and Learn sessions, we have been visiting our partners for an easy-going meeting in a relaxed atmosphere.

As Mark Wrigley (Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing) explains, Lunch and Learn gives us the chance to share ideas and communicate directly with our customers,

“We share with them all the technology and capability that exists in the market today – that can be materials, machine technology or process technology. It just ends up being a brilliant way of engaging with a customer in a non-sales environment”

Mark Wrigley – Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Information flows both ways in these sessions. Because we have customers operating in many different industries, it can be hard sometimes to fully grasp the demands, challenges, and opportunities that they face. Meeting up for lunch gives us a chance to discover new ways to provide the services and support that our customers really need.

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