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New project introduction. Launching new products can be daunting. No matter how confident you are in your product, there are always risks to be assessed and negotiated. With the OneRosti NPI process, we take a systematic approach to bringing your product to market, using our industry experience to help you make the best decisions every step of the way.

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Rosti - David Orr
David Orr

Global Programme Director

Managing risk and seizing opportunities

A successful product introduction requires thorough planning, risk management, and communication. To make sure you have this covered, Rosti have devised OneRosti. It is a comprehensive project management system based on industry best practices, adapted for the particular risks and opportunities associated with introducing new plastic products.

It is a six-phase model that provides an orderly process and continuous oversight for a successful, impactful product launch. It takes you from the quote request, through design, tooling, verification, and all the way to production and delivery.

This approach, which is rolled out across our customer centres worldwide, ensures that you get expert advice at the start of your project, and continuously as it progresses. This means that any potential risks or uncertainties concerning product design, toolmaking, materials or tolerances are addressed and analysed at the earliest possible opportunity.

OneRosti puts you in control of your new product, while supporting you with industry knowledge and expert planning.

Project Dashboard

With OneRosti, you can access project dashboards to keep you fully informed of progress towards your goal. It gives you an easily-understood visual assessment of how the project has developed,
by presenting risks, expenditure and progression past milestones and phase gates. It ensures that our partnership operates with complete transparency and makes it straightforward to monitor your project from design to completion.

The six phases of the OneRosti NPI process

  1. Quotation
  2. Design feasibility
  3. Production tooling
  4. Process set-up and pre-production
  5. Preparing for launch
  6. Production validation

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