Overmoulding is a great way to add value and functionality to your product, but it’s not as straightforward as it might seem. Whether you’re dealing in consumer goods, electrical components or medical supplies, it’s worth consulting expert opinion to avoid pitfalls and to find the right approach

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How overmoulding can deliver practical and attractive products

When done correctly overmoulding (also known as insert moulding) can be a reliable way of enhancing, protecting or decorating your product. It’s an injection moulding method that embeds components inside plastic or rubber without the need for adhesives or welding. Rosti have been using this technique to combine components for over 20 years, over which time we have finely tuned our ability to create functional, attractive objects, while reducing the amount of post-moulding assembly processes.

Overmoulding can make your product more physically robust

For example, we can partially embed an item to make it easier to grip or to give it a more pleasant feel when your customers handle it. This could be worthwhile in anything from a car key to a toothbrush. You can do it for purely aesthetic reasons, to give your product an interesting look and feel, and you can also improve your products’ sustainability by incorporating post consumer recycled (PCR) resins.

It can transform a delicate item into something durable and solid, with good resistance to vibration and shock. It can form a barrier against dust and water, and if you use a flexible elastomer it can compress and expand to effect a seal. For these reasons, it is a technique we often use for medical and electronic devices – as casings for cables, junction boxes and circuit boards (PCBs).

Once an item is embedded in this way, it can’t be easily separated. This makes your product harder to reverse engineer, so overmoulding can also be a tool to protect your intellectual property.

Rosti – solving problems before they arise

Overmoulding is a useful and fairly straightforward process, but there are pitfalls to be aware of. Without input from experts it’s very easy to choose the wrong materials and techniques for enhancing your product. You need to be especially aware of the heat and pressure tolerances of the component that you want to embed. This should guide your material selection, and determine whether overmoulding is the right approach for your product.

With Rosti, you have a partner with extensive experience in overmoulding who can help you reach optimal end-results, and guide your from concept to reality. We can spot potential issues early in the production process, and give you an honest assessment of what is feasible. Our expertise extends to all areas of moulding, so we can give you high-level view about the techniques and materials that are most appropriate for your goals and your budget.

We can support you throughout as much of the process as you require, all the way from the design stage through material selection, toolmaking, prototyping, testing, and production. Get in touch to find out how much we have to offer.

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