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Production transfer

New market opportunities, strategic changes, fluctuations in the price of resources – there are many reasons why companies choose to move their production base. Rosti has a highly successful track record in technology and production transfer. We can help you relocate to one of many global locations with minimal disruption.

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Rosti - David Orr
David Orr

Global Programme Director

Unrivalled experience and expertise

We bring more than 75 years of precision moulding experience and a global network of resources and suppliers, so you can expect to receive an exceptional level of knowledge, service and care. Working with Rosti, you get support through every stage of the process – from concept to reality. Technology and production transfer are services we have delivered for many years, so we have tried-and-tested processes and dedicated group support in place, which consists of our most experienced people leading and implementing large, technically complex projects with a minimum of fuss.

Customised solutions

Rosti delivers smooth, seamless switchovers, and our customer-specific solutions ensure a fast, efficient restart with minimal disruption. With our reporting and communication models, you will always be kept fully informed throughout the process.

The Rosti Tooling Transfer Journey

Competitive business locations

We have production facilities in Sweden, Germany, Poland, Romania, the UK, Turkey, China and Malaysia, and our head office is in Malmö, Sweden.

Rosti’s Poland site has become an important facility for our production transfer programmes. For companies seeking to move production to Europe, Poland has become an attractive, competitive country to do business. Our 34,000 m2 facility offers flexibility, efficiency and reliability, as well as the latest technology and closeness to important EU markets. In our newly opened state-of-the-art innovation lab in Bialystok, we can take your idea from concept to reality in just 72 hours.

Romania has quickly developed into a thriving manufacturing hub with increased demand for production capacity. That’s one of the reasons why Rosti is expanding its manufacturing footprint and is building a first-stage, custom-built 10,000 m2 factory there. We will have available capacity in 2021 and beyond.

Malaysia is a country that many companies look to for a competitive advantage. Rosti has operated in Malaysia since 2012 – it began with us setting up a factory to help a customer relocating from China. Since then, our Malaysia site has grown and advanced, and we have the competencies and capacity to support your business needs.

Rosti China is one of our major sites, and we have years of experience of moving companies’ production to China from all over the world. We are also experts in new product introduction (NPI) and we can ensure world-class product launches from here. Our China site has clean-room facilities, as well as deep knowledge and expertise in complex technical products and fully automated solutions. Our state-of-the-art innovation lab in Suzhou, can take your idea from concept to reality in just 72 hours.

Both Rosti Sweden and Rosti Germany excel in high speed production and full automation solutions. With 100% vision control, we serve customers in some of the most demanding industries. Rosti Germany was fully purpose-built for a customer who needed additional production capacity, and since then has become a thriving, leading-edge facility.

Wherever you are in the world and wherever you want to be, we’d be delighted to help with your inquiries!

A selection of completed relocations

  • The Netherlands to China
  • UK to China
  • The Netherlands to Poland
  • UK to Romania
  • France to Poland
  • Germany to Poland
  • China to Malaysia
  • USA to China
  • USA to Poland
  • Denmark to Poland

Some results from recent projects

Transfer of an existing product

  • Successful root cause analysis
  • Optimisation of tooling
  • 25% cycle time reduction
  • Reduced scrap
  • Greater stability on dimensions
  • Better cosmetics

Localisation of production to lower cost country

  • Tooling DFM (Design for Manufacture) and optimisation
  • Tooling manufacture and part validation
  • Clean room design and build
  • Staff selection and training
  • Successful launch

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