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Whether you are launching a new product or exploring ways to streamline production, Rosti project management delivers continuous oversight and reliability. By combining deep industry knowledge with structured planning, we address your specific needs and challenges.

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Rosti - David Orr
David Orr

Global Programme Director

Efficiency, reliability and optimal time to market

Our project management philosophy is based on early involvement and close collaboration. We have learned from experience that consulting our project managers at the beginning of the project results in more efficient and reliable production processes, shorter time to market, and excellent product quality. In short, a more competitive product.

To give your project the best chance of success, it helps to involve our project managers before or during the design stage. That way, we can support you in two broad ways. Firstly, we use
our technical expertise to finalize a design and a manufacturing process that is feasible. Our knowledge means we can assess your designs, anticipate any technical difficulties that might arise in the toolmaking and production stages and advise accordingly.

Secondly, we use our project management skill to create a structured phase-gate process. This establishes your goals and expectations and ensures that you have the oversight and impetus to reach a positive outcome.

It is an approach that we have successfully adapted to the most straightforward designs requiring just a single mould, to huge projects involving hundreds of highly complex tools.

Dedicated collaboration partner

Our highly skilled team of Rosti engineers and project managers work in close collaboration with our customers throughout the entire process, from designing and implementing solutions through to delivering finished products to the warehouse.

You will have a dedicated project manager who will remain the primary contact throughout the entire project. Our project managers are responsible for allocating the right competences and skills, leading the team and ensuring the project runs smoothly. Doing this makes communication simpler and more reliable and helps drive the project forward.

As part of our commitment to excellence, performance and care, you will have a dedicated project manager who remains the primary contact throughout the entire project. Our project managers are responsible for allocating the right competences and skills, leading the team and agreeing and meeting project milestones to ensure the smooth running of the project, whether it is a tools transfer project or modification or introduction of a new product.

Project plans tailored for your needs

We have a comprehensive project management system for new product introductions that we call OneRosti. It manages and mitigates risk and maximises the chances of a successful product launch. Find out more about new project introduction here.

For projects that do not involve new product introductions, we start with a more flexible approach before helping you build a customised project plan with clear deliverables and timings. By following sound project management principles and industry best practices, we bring efficiency, oversight and impetus to the entire process.

Services available through Rosti project management include:

  • Feasibility studies – Moldflow, FEA
  • Risk analysis and mitigation
  • RACI matrices (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed)
  • Structured phase gate project management & progress tracking
  • DFM (Design for Manufacture)
  • Tooling procurement and management
  • Bills of material
  • PFMEA (process failure mode and effects analysis)
  • Quality assurance for parts and components
  • Pre-production product development and optimisation
  • Customer approved product samples
  • Production validation and Handover
  • Lessons learned
  • Kaizen and lean manufacturing
  • DMAIC Process (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control)
  • Change management

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