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With a network of suppliers covering 27 countries and dedicated quality assurance teams, Rosti provides a streamlined, flexible supply chain that ultimately reduces your production costs and lead times. We partner with you through every aspect of the process.

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Rosti - Owen Chen
Owen Chen

Regional Sourcing Director

Global reach. Local focus.

Whether you produce individual components, pre-assembled parts or ready-to-sell products, it helps to have a supply chain in place that is reliable, flexible and economical. Rosti make this possible with a global network of suppliers, built up over decades and continually assessed for quality and efficiency.

Our worldwide reach helps us shorten lead times while still sourcing locally, and our strategic approach gives us an additional competitive edge in the supply of key commodities like resin, electronics, metal parts and packaging. We can support you in all areas related to supply chain management – quotation, logistics, warehousing, and much more – and we are dedicated to finding solutions that deliver value and reliability.

Rosti’s global reach

27Suppliers worldwide
76Countries served
8Manufacturing sites worldwide

Invaluable expertise in the injection moulding industry

Any industry demands excellent project management across the entire supply chain. For injection moulding, strengths like strong oversight and managerial skills are vital. Expertise in tracking the project across the entire chain helps ensure high-quality production, efficiency, sustainability and ultimate success. 

Successful supply chain management in the plastics moulding industry includes superior planning skills, efficient execution, and experience in global procurement, supplier sourcing, and delivery. The most critical features of the supply manager’s duties are further explained here:

1. Big picture vision yet detail-oriented

Productive, strategic project management of the supply chain requires robust attention to detail, along with an equally important overview of the entire process. This is a tricky balance to strike. On a day-to-day level, managers must control budgets and production costs, keep an eye on the logistics of the operations, and oversee individual processes. Tasks include scheduling and goal setting, allocation of core staff, and coordination across offices and suppliers. 

While this attention to detail is essential, big-picture thinking encompasses an overview of the links in the chain and the strength of mind to predict and manage problems across the board. Keeping sight of the goal requires discipline and creativity.

2. Strong communication skills

Communication across the supply chain is also necessary. Effective supply chain management involves getting the right information to the right people, at the right time. Any issues that arise at any stage in your project’s process can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently when robust communication strategies are set in place. Strong communication provides the bridges between multiple sites and agencies, as well as minimizing errors that may create inefficiencies. 

Communication is imperative between you, the client, and your supply chain manager, too. Our clients are kept informed at all stages of the process. From the beginning, where we assess your needs and expectations, and supply accurate and clear plans and proposals, to the bulk of the supply chain management tasks where we act as a bridge between you and your suppliers, production teams, engineers and designers.

3. Accurate and disciplined coordination of external parties

Any third parties brought into the supply chain are thoroughly vetted and controlled. In successful supply chain management for the moulding industry, a high level of control is needed to maintain the precise standards and specifications of the project. 

Allocation of tasks and resources to third-party suppliers is most successful when this ensures consistency across the product and the processes, as well as essential design continuity. Supply chain managers standardise the procedures across the injection moulding cycle by choosing suppliers that are known, approved and regularly audited. Customer service must also come as standard in the plastics moulding supply chain, due to the many links.

4. Entire workflow management

Your project is important as a whole and not just as a series of tasks to manage and accomplish. Strong project management takes a view of the process from the initial order to production, shipping and evaluation. Effective management takes fluctuations and supplier/ consumer demand into consideration to form an overview of the workflow that may constantly change but will always be expertly controlled. 

The logistics of the supply chain are important and often cause headaches for lesser-qualified project managers. Schedules in the plastic injection moulding industry are often very tight, with little room to manoeuvre. Deadlines must be met, otherwise the smallest hiccup can throw the project timeline out.

5. Thorough assessment and evaluation 

Professional supply chain management solutions handle all aspects of the project, including evaluation and assessment of the procedures and logistics. The supply chain manager should have a strong set of metrics with which to measure success against defined goals. This allows you, the client, to gain an overview of how the project is measuring up to your standards.

A value-adding partner throughout your entire production

It is essential to select an exceptional plastic injection moulding manufacturer with experience in supply chain management to supply this extensive skill set. Choose Rosti with our focus on performance standards, our expertise developed over many decades, and our attention to detail.

To truly unlock the benefits of our global supply network, it’s best to consult us as early in the production process as possible. By working alongside Rosti from the design stage, you get the benefit of an experienced partner capable of foreseeing the challenges and opportunities ahead. With project managers who can grasp the full scope of your enterprise, we can help plan and make sure the right parts and components are available when you need them.

Rosti provide an end-to-end service, supporting you every step of the way from concept to reality

Quality assured materials and services

Rosti’s supplier quality assurance teams make certain that all materials, tools, electronics and services are appropriate for the needs of your product. We select and qualify every new supplier according to standardised procedures to make sure that every component and service is reliable and high quality. Regular measurement and testing ensure that suppliers continue to provide optimal materials and services.

By searching the world for the most reliable and highest quality suppliers, we make your production process smoother and more cost-effective.

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