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Supply chain management

With a network of suppliers covering 27 countries and dedicated quality assurance teams, Rosti provides a streamlined, flexible supply chain that ultimately reduces your production costs and lead times.

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Rosti - Owen Chen
Owen Chen

Regional Sourcing Director

Global reach. Local focus.

Whether you produce individual components, pre-assembled parts or ready-to-sell products, it helps to have a supply chain in place that is reliable, flexible and economical. Rosti make this possible with a global network of suppliers, built up over decades and continually assessed.

Our worldwide reach helps us shorten lead times while still sourcing locally, and our strategic approach gives us an additional competitive edge in the supply of key commodities like resin, electronics, metal parts and packaging. We can support you in all areas related to supply chain management – quotation, logistics, warehousing, and much more – and we are dedicated to finding solutions that deliver value and reliability.

Rosti’s global reach

27Suppliers worldwide
76Countries served
8Manufacturing sites worldwide

A value-adding partner throughout your entire production

To truly unlock the benefits of our global supply network, it’s best to consult us as early in the production process as possible. By working alongside Rosti from the design stage, you get the benefit of an experienced partner capable of foreseeing the challenges and opportunities ahead. With project managers who can grasp the full scope of your enterprise, we can help plan and make sure the right parts and components are available when you need them.

Rosti provide an end-to-end service, supporting you every step of the way from concept to reality

Quality assured materials and services

Rosti’s supplier quality assurance teams make certain that all materials, tools, electronics and services are appropriate for the needs of your product. We select and qualify every new supplier according to standardised procedures to make sure that every component and service is reliable and high quality. Regular measurement and testing ensure that suppliers continue to provide optimal materials and services.

By searching the world for the most reliable and highest quality suppliers, we make your production process smoother and more cost-effective.

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