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Grow with Rosti

Learning is a process that provides us with possibilities for growth and development. At Rosti, our overall goal is to build strong capabilities through our people, which are aligned with both our business and your individual achievement goals. This means that you get to contribute to the success of Rosti, while developing your own career path for the future.


Learning our way

At Rosti, we work according to the 70/20/10 learning model. This model comprises of three components:

  1. Training tailored to suit your profile and needs
  2. Relationships, networks and feedback
  3. Challenging assignments and on-the-job training

Working with learning and development is much more than just training. According to the 70/20/20 model, 10 percent of our development comes from formal training, 20 percent from relationships, networks and feedback and 70 percent is acquired through on-the-job training and assignments. No matter what, we will support you throughout your journey to ensure the best development for you, for Rosti and for the future.

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