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Our promise to you

At Rosti, rewards are not just about compensation, but also to feel passion, care and engagement at the workplace. Therefore, our promise to you consists of five areas, which we call our 5 People Priorities.

1. Leadership and company culture are among the biggest drivers of work satisfaction and performance. Rosti has many dedicated, passionate leaders across our sites and we are always looking for new talent. To make our culture a living reality, we offer continuous culture and value training, as well as leadership programmes on all levels within our organisation. At Rosti, our culture, values and leadership are apparent from the moment you enter one of our sites. 

2. A great work environment is our second promise to you. As Rosti employees, we should all feel empowered and safe in our workplace. We should also feel assured that we can trust each other. We are continuously improving our ways of working, our collaboration, as well as celebrating our successes together. Working at Rosti, you are a part of a dynamic and fun global team.

3. Our compensation structure is created according to international standards. Your job, competences and achievements are always taken into consideration. We offer our employees both a competitive base salary and variable compensation, as well as benefits adapted to meet local and specific needs.

4. At Rosti we believe in People. We believe that if you grow both personally and professionally you will help us to grow as an organisation, which in turn, will help increase our business. We have a strong focus on work and development programmes, as well as many opportunities to help you follow the right career path for you.

5. Our leaders and colleagues are always here to support you, but we also give you a promise from our HR community. Our HR department is a part of our business and does everything it can to support both our employees and managers throughout their journey. Our mission is to support both our people and our business. To do that we are continuously present in the business and use simple, professional tools.

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