Lightning case study - Rosti

A light bulb moment in glass-to-plastic conversion

Since the days of Thomas Edison over a century ago, light bulbs have, of course, been made from glass. In recent years, Rosti have been challenging this convention by creating plastic light bulb walls that are lighter, more resilient and more versatile than glass.

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Jacek Lubowicki

Interim Managing Director Rosti UK

In partnership with our customer, a multinational electronics company, we helped to create the exterior of an innovative LED lamp that produces adjustable colours and shades. The challenge was to find a material and a process to create transparent, strong, flawless bulbs at high volume. Any imperfection in the bulbs would be immediately obvious to the user when the light was turned on, so it was crucial that the plastic walls be absolutely immaculate.

We devised a technique that combined injection moulding with blow moulding and tool rotation. After identifying a suitable resin and some further development and fine-tuning, we were able to reliably use this technique to produce the bulbs with a short production cycle and competitive costs.

And the result? Over 6 million of the products have been sold worldwide, Rosti are now the key supplier to one of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers, and we’ve adapted the technology for products like sports bottles and water jugs. It’s a successful example of how innovation and design can make a global impact.

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