Cancer screening device case story - Rosti

A medical device for early detection of potential breast cancer

At Rosti we are passionate about working with our customers throughout the entire production process, and we were especially delighted to be able to do this for a product with life-saving potential.

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Jacek Lubowicki

Interim Managing Director Rosti UK

This medical device is a home breast examination device that enables early breast cancer detection. We were approached by a European medtech start-up to help develop and manufacture a medical device that supports early diagnosis of breast cancer. Uniquely, it uses liquid crystals and AI algorithms to spot irregularities in breast tissue. It can perform reliable, painless examinations in doctors’ offices without radiation.

We were able to support our customers through the entire design and manufacturing process, which meant we could make recommendations early in the project that would bring benefits further down the line. For example, during the design phase we proposed the use of soft-touch polypropylene for the body of the device. This was a sound choice because it made the finished product more pleasant to use, but it could also be sourced at a competitive price and moulded to the product’s exact specifications.

As well as contributing to product design, Rosti supervised the development of 23 moulding tools, managed the supply of resins and 40 additional components, carried out advanced injection moulding processes, and installed and operated state-of-the-art assembly lines. On top of that, we implemented a complete tracking and tracing system to protect patient safety.

Taking a product from concept to reality gives us an enormous amount of pride, and we are delighted that this project has been successful.

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