Business machine case study - Rosti

Moving ATM production across continents

A leading global manufacturer of office products and business supplies has subsidiaries in 25 countries. As part of its strategy to regionalise sourcing and reduce supply chain risks, the company asked Rosti to help to relocate parts of its production to Europe.

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Jacek Lubowicki

Interim Managing Director Rosti UK

With a focus on providing customers with the optimum solution, Rosti analysed existing tools in the customer’s previous site. Rather than investing in new tools and setting up a complete new production chain, which would be costly and time consuming, Rosti’s team of experts recommended the refurbishment of the existing tools and updating them to match European quality standards.

Optimised supply chain

As part of our dedication to performance and customer care, we also looked at ways to optimise the customer’s supply chain. As a result, in addition to significant cost savings, the company now benefits from a shorter and more reliable chain, lower inventories and greater flexibility.