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Bringing exceptional design quality to the kitchen

In 2016, Rosti China were presented with a delicious design challenge. We were approached by an ambitious start-up to help design and manufacture their signature product – an ingenious home cooking device that makes it simple to use the sous vide technique seen in professional kitchens.

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Rosti - Sunny Sun
Sunny Sun

Strategic Integrated Solutions Director
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With our expertise in injection moulding and our knowledge of heat tolerances, this could have been a fairly straightforward assignment. The additional consideration, however, was that our customer wanted the device to have the highest possible aesthetic quality. Our task was to help create a product sturdy enough to be submerged in hot water for long periods, but with the type of design you would normally associate with high-end computers or electronics.

To achieve this, our engineers worked closely with our customer to find the materials and processes that would work best. Eventually, we settled on an overmoulding technique that is normally used to make wristwatches. We created an extruded tube that protected the heater, motor and circuit board. We choose a resin that was both suitable for use in the food industry and which had a beautiful, clean surface. Rosti China also took care of sourcing from the beginning of the project, so the customer could focus on early design ideas and marketing.

Since its launch, the product has gone from strength to strength. It has sold well in Europe and North America, it won a prestigious international design prize, and in 2019 the start-up was acquired by a multinational home appliance manufacturer. Its success demonstrates the benefits of ambitious product design and a close partnership with industry experts.