Smooth coffee and smooth production transfer

When Rosti was approached by one of the world’s largest producers of small domestic appliances, it was clear that we needed to act fast. We were asked to take over and relocate the production of complex components for their award-winning coffee pod systems. This would demand very high-volume production of intricate parts, involving supply chain management, 32 different tools, and post-moulding assembly. On top of that, they need to be produced in conditions suitable for food contact components.

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Jacek Lubowicki

Interim Managing Director Rosti UK

By establishing a joint project team and involving potential suppliers early in the project, we were able to come up with a detailed plan. Moulds were developed and produced, while at the same time we arranged supplies for non-plastic components, organised the production and assembly lines, invested in machinery and trained staff.

It took a lot of hard work combined with diligent project management and technological innovation, but we were proud to meet our customer’s demanding time and budget constraints. As a result, we have continued working with this client, creating different products at multiple Rosti locations around the world.

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