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Leadership Acceleration Programme

At Rosti, we believe in developing our employees, and through our leadership programme (ROLAP) we equip them to take further managerial responsibility in the future.

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Piotr Jozwicki

Global People & Culture Partner


The purpose and goal of ROLAP

To develop high-potential employees in Rosti to take on further managerial responsibility in the future to reach Rosti’s strategic objectives.

Studies continually show that organisations that invest in leadership development perform better than those that don’t. Rosti has taken these results on board, with the development of the Leadership Acceleration Programme (ROLAP). Our goal is to identify, train and develop our future leaders so that they can motivate, engage and lead our global organization, thereby securing our future leadership and helping us be as competitive in the future as we are today.

How we secure ROLAP success

After a careful nomination process, sixteen managers from all parts of our global organisation are invited to join a group and together develop themselves and their leadership abilities through training, coaching and mentoring over 24 months. The programme is divided into eight modules with different themes, thoroughly preparing the candidates to be Rosti’s future leaders.

The modules in the Leadership Acceleration Programme (ROLAP) includes, for example, Situational Leadership II, Business Acumen, Conflict Handling, and Finance and Economics. As mentoring is a powerful way to develop leadership, it also plays an important part in our leadership acceleration program. Each participant is matched cross-functionally with a senior leader within Rosti. The candidates then stay connected with these mentors regularly throughout the duration of the programme.

Alongside the program, candidates are encouraged to reflect upon their own personal leadership development and make a commitment to growth. At Rosti we believe the personal development of all employees is important, and the program is designed to challenge and improve both at a professional and personal level.

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