The New Rosti Way

The new Rosti Way and our investment in the Rosti Cultural Foundation.
We are excited to present a refreshed Rosti purpose, values, mindset and behaviors. The new Rosti Way is the result of a long and thorough process carried out during the past year. We have listened to our people and our customers and have studied closely the behaviors that we adopt when we are successful.

The result: clearer and refreshed Rosti purpose, values, mindset and behaviors. In order to strengthen our culture in times of growth, we need to understand Rosti’s elements of success to ensure our continuous development.

“Over time our vision, strategy and targets may shift, however our Cultural foundation serves as the basis of the way we do business. The Cultural foundation is the way we do things, it is our values and our behaviors which we see in our daily work with our employees, colleagues and customers” said Brendan Colgan, Rosti Group CEO.

What is the Rosti Way

The Rosti Way is simply the reason why Rosti exists and succeeds in the market, and why our customers and suppliers choose to work with us. The Rosti Way is:

What we do…
With precision injection moulding at our core, we deliver sustainable supply chain solutions through design support, manufacturing, quality and logistics – From concept to reality.

How we do this…
We deliver this through long-term partnerships with global reach to core customers within preferred sectors.
We develop our opportunities through an expanded network of relationships and partnerships in material sciences, manufacturing technologies and design organisations to support our customers´needs
Our Cultural foundation aligns our teams and our partnerships
We invest in our People, Systems and Innovation to maintain a competitive advantage

Why do we do this…
To be our customers´ most reliable and consistent partner and build a sustainable and prosperous organization.

Our Values

Rosti is passionate about providing our customers with the optimum solutions in plastic injection moulding. This is reflected in our new core values: passion, integrity, partnership and excellence.

We are passionate about delivering positive experiences for others through our work

It is our integrity that drives us to be transparent, responsible and to do the right thing

We care deeply about partnering with each other, our customers

Our belief in excellence motivates us to continuously improve

Based on our core values, we connect with people by understanding, clarifying and responding to their needs. By taking the initiative to propose ideas and solutions and taking responsibility for our actions, we improve both personally and as an organisation. We invest in our system to ensure consistently high levels of precision, performance and reliability every step of the way. As part of our dedication to the continuous improvement of our system and our focus on exceeding our customers’ expectations, our highly skilled teams of design and engineering experts develop and deliver cutting-edge technology, enabling our customers to benefit from the most innovative, agile and sustainable products, processes and solutions.

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