Rolap 2.0 in full swing

Study after study show that organisations that invest in leadership development perform better than those that don’t. Rosti takes this fact into account and now run another round of the Rosti Leadership Acceleration Programme with one of the goals to be just as competitive today as ten years from now.

“We have had a very good start to this exciting project and I look forward to the next module where we will continue the journey to develop our future leaders.” – Thomas Tomej, Senior Vice President HR Rosti Group

After a careful nomination process, sixteen talented managers from all parts of the global organisation receive the great benefit of developing themselves and their leadership through coaching and mentoring over a 24-month period of time divided into eight modules with different themes – everything to prepare them to become Rosti’s future leaders.

Module one was held a couple of months ago in Copenhagen and had the very appropriate theme ‘Leadership foundation’. The international team gathered for four days to get an introduction to the programme, as well as to their mentors.

As mentoring is a powerful way to develop leadership, it is also an important part of this effective leadership acceleration programme. Each participant is matched cross-funtionally with a senior leader within Rosti. The mentors and mentees will then meet regularly for the mentees to learn from the mentors’ experience.

‘Business acumen’ and ‘Situational leadership’ will be the major themes of the programme’s second module in Warszaw, Poland, the first week of February. For the business acumen part, an in-house senior sales coach will be there and train the participants in business skills as a proven leadership tool.