Making Life Easier; COVID19 Safety Protocols

Over the last few months, our focus here at Rosti Group has been to ensure that you, as our client, are in a safe pair of hands.

Since the start of the pandemic, we have implemented strict protocols to minimise the risk and protect our people above and beyond local government guidelines. By maintaining a safe working environment, we are constantly adapting our ways of working and introducing new safety measures to our manufacturing facilities around the world to ensure that they remain safe for our teams to continue operating.

A combination of care, passion and determination has enabled us to tackle the pandemic and maintain continuity for our clients. Looking specifically at our Rosti Poland site, a variety of safety measures have been implemented:

Rosti Poland Working Group

During March, at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Rosti Poland set up a ‘Coronavirus Working Group’ to co-ordinate and implement change in line with local Government guidelines to ensure the plant remained open. 

The working group holds daily meetings to brief colleagues with information and updates. This allows us to gather feedback and listen to the team, developing a clear communication and action plan; essential to ensure that safety measures are adhered to and the site can remain open to fulfil orders for our clients. 

Keeping Staff Safe

By conducting mandatory temperature checks at the entrance to the site this ensures we are monitoring all staff and therefore limiting the risk of suspected cases. 

Within the plant, there are three designated areas to safely handle anyone who is suspected of having the virus. This ensures that we limit the risk to other team members. 

Disinfection of high touch point areas has also been introduced across the site in addition to our existing cleaning measures. It is important that doors, handles, desks and machinery are sanitised frequently to reduce the spread of infection. 

Remaining Operational 

It is essential that we remain open and operational in order to fulfil our commitments to our clients

By introducing a ‘Replacement Matrix’ it has allowed us to rotate our staff and ensure that should there be a positive outbreak, we have a team in place that can be called in; helping us to mitigate the risk of a potential closure of the site.

Virtual Visibility

Throughout the last few months, site visits have been paused to further reduce the risk of spreading the virus. However, we have adapted our communication methods; offering virtual tours and audits of our manufacturing facilities.

Allowing you to explore our site in detail and at your own pace, the tour offers plenty of hotspots, allowing you to fully understand the Rosti manufacturing process and see how it can fit your business needs.

Our policy is to also hold accreditations that ensure business continuity from the ISO suite complimented by sustainability and targeted industry standards to provide guaranteed service across different industry sectors.

Here at Rosti we have adapted to offer virtual audits of our sites, plus audits from local, accredited agencies to give you added confidence in our capabilities.

Safe Handling of Goods

Our Supply Chain is an integral element for the site and is essential in being able to manufacture products for clients and fulfil contracts. 

Specific measures were introduced in order to safely receive and dispatch goods in and out of Rosti Poland. Drivers delivering to our site have their temperature checked and complete a safety declaration. 

We also ask drivers to remain in their vehicle where possible. If they do need to leave their vehicle, they must wear a face mask and gloves whilst on Rosti Poland premises. Drivers are also restricted from entering buildings and using our facilities. 

During difficult times, comes unforeseen challenges, but you can be assured we are doing everything we can to ensure you remain in a ‘safe pair of hands’ while working with Rosti.