Join us on a Virtual Tour of our Facilities

Over the course of the last 12 months, Rosti have had to adapt to more virtual ways of working with innovative, virtual tours of our plastic injection moulding facilities.

We are proud to have introduced new ways of working with the focus of making our clients lives easier; ensuring that here at Rosti we continue to be a safe pair of hands for customers to rely upon.

At a time when travel isn’t possible, it is essential that we are still able to demonstrate our plastic injection moulding capabilities to new and existing customers; and this can successfully be achieved through the virtual tours of our manufacturing and innovation facilities.

Our Virtual Tours are designed to demonstrate each key stage of a project from design and testing through to production with an interactive walk-through of the shop floor.

This is a virtual replica of a visit customers would experience in person prior to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Our team will explain key details and information as you are guided through the site, with colleagues who are operating or managing a particular area introducing themselves and their respective element of process.

This allows our customers to speak directly with our experienced personnel who are there to share knowledge.

The tours provide a detailed view of the processes around the facility, showing machines and tools in action, close ups of particular objects and screens which provide a highly informative and detailed experience.

At each stage, customers ask questions to find out more information in relation to their specific parts or components.

The introduction of a Virtual Tour has demonstrated that site visits and audits can still be done without leaving your office.

Virtual Tours have played a vital role in building strong working relationships with our customers, allowing our teams to demonstrate their knowledge whilst always ensuring that care and expertise goes into every single project.