Why injection moulding offers the perfect solution for mass manufacture of EV Charging products?

With the increasing number of electric vehicles on the road and government legislation leading to a ban on petrol and diesel vehicles being sold in the future, we take a look at how injection moulding can play a vital role in building the required EV charging infrastructure.

There is now a need for robust and reliable charging networks that have the required capacity to cope with the increased need – this is a combination of charging plugs, charging stations and wall boxes for the home.

The burden of developing national and regional charging networks is being tackled by both OEMs, national governments, local and regional authorities as well as the large petrochemical companies who need to convert their forecourts to provide renewable energy. This has also seen EV charging technology start-ups enter the market with innovative solutions for both the home, roadside, and car park. 

Injection Moulded EV Charging parts

With extensive experience producing plastic injection moulded parts for the automotive and e-mobility market as well as the energy market, Rosti are well positioned with our innovative capabilities to produce components that meet the mechanical, electrical, and environmental needs for the e-charging market. 

Working with a network of global material suppliers and using our own technology roadmap developments we can help customers identify the correct solution for their product needs.

Our Innovation Centres can offer the design for manufacturing requirements needed through powerful analysis tools and market-leading 3D printing capabilities with the possibility to transform concept into reality in under 72 hours, allowing us to work with customers to test and analyse parts quicker than traditional prototyping methods.

With these cutting-edge capabilities and our trusted NPI process, coupled with over 76 years of plastic injection moulding experience, enables us to ensure parts and components are production-ready first time, saving valuable time and money over the course of a project. 

Global Production Capacity

With 8 strategically located production facilities across the globe, Rosti has the capacity to produce large volumes of EV charging components and assemblies in locations close to our customer sites. 

As a Contract Manufacturing partner to global recognised brands across the automotive, consumer goods and life sciences sectors, you are in a safe pair of hands to produce injection moulded parts for your EV Charging technology. 

Speed to Market

With our cutting-edge innovation capabilities and dedicated product designers, we can significantly reduce the speed to market in comparison to traditional product development, prototyping and testing processes.

This is vital to our customers in fast moving markets and require the ability to scale production rapidly as they grow and roll out technology into new markets.

This unique USP one of the key factors when selecting an injection moulding partner.

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