Jonas Persson shares insight into Sustainability & future of Injection Moulding

Jonas Persson, Rosti CEO, shared his thoughts and observations on the future of injection moulding and how sustainability is now a fundamental element of their business strategy. 

As a market-leading injection moulding business, it is paramount that Rosti leads from the front when it comes to their people, customers, stakeholders and our impact on the world. 

Jonas shares his personal thoughts on the current market and how Rosti are driving forward with their Sustainability strategy.

Where do you see the plastic injection moulding market in the next three years?

There is always a continued and growing focus on injection moulded parts, products and components across a broad variety of sectors.

We are proud to work closely with leading and innovative brands in the Life Sciences, Consumer, Business Machines, Industrial and Packaging sectors. This drives us to continuously improve and innovate when it comes to injection moulding capabilities.

All of these markets have an ongoing need for plastic injection moulded products – this demand will only increase in the future as we see other materials being replaced by plastic. 

The key focus for the injection moulding industry is, ‘the environment’. There is going to be a greater focus on the circular economy and a requirement for us to look after plastics. 

Our management team is already looking to accelerate the use of green materials to help our customers reduce their impact on the environment. The reuse and recycling of plastics where possible have both sustainability and cost reduction benefits for all customers. 

Over the coming years, it is our responsibility to lead in the innovative design, development and construction of plastic injection moulded products to help our customers towards an environmentally friendly world. 

One change I do envisage is the growth in 3D printing capabilities where small quantities are required. We are utilising the potential of 3D printing in our Innovation Centres which are pivotal in reducing speed to market for customers and ensuring products and parts are production-ready, the first time.

Rosti Innovation Centre
Innovation Centre

What are your personal opinions on being carbon neutral and why sustainability is important to Rosti?

As we are all aware, sustainability has been spoken about for many, many years but only now are we seeing real action to make a considerable change to how our actions impact the environment. 

When it comes to sustainability – we need to walk the talk. In order to make a real change, clear targets and aims are required, combined with an internal drive towards achieving set and defined objectives. 

We are seeing a huge push from customers who are addressing their own impact on the environment, which is filtering through to our work with them when producing plastic injection moulded products.

If our customers have a mission to be a leader in their own market and amongst their customers when it comes to sustainability, Rosti has to be there, from the off, as their partner to develop environmentally friendly products and reduce carbon emissions created during production.

Everything stems from design, it has to be a design-led focus on reducing the environmental impact of an injection moulded part, both during production, how it is used and when it comes to the end of its lifecycle. 

We support our customers and our customers‘ customers. The consumer or user who purchases goods from our customers are increasingly trying to become environmentally friendly. This heightens the need for our manufacturing processes and materials to be as green as possible. 

Rosti is aiming to use solely green energy across our 8 production facilities which will be a huge step in our sustainability strategy.

Rosti - Sustainability Logo

What are you most proud of regarding Rosti ?

Rosti’s high ethical standards is an area I am most proud of as the CEO. I am impressed by the way we continuously treat people – staff, customers, stakeholders and suppliers. 

Working collaboratively, we develop meaningful and productive working relationships which result in high quality and innovative outcomes. This is mutually beneficial for everyone. 

For me personally, we treat everyone within Rosti equally, to provide our teams with a sense of genuine belonging. This is paramount when we are a global organisation, that we all pull in the right direction. 

Of course, our sustainability work is very important to me but we still have a great deal of work to do. We are consistently reviewing, reinventing and evolving our processes from an environmental perspective. 

Rosti customers are constantly at the forefront of our thinking as they are a crucial part of everything we do.