Rosti Poland supports the Technical University of Białystok in education

Since the academic year 2018/2019, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Technical University of Białystok , the first in the region, has been offering modern, dual studies in the field of Electrotechnics, with specialization in Industrial Automation.

Education in dual studies is carried out with active participation of the best companies in the industry – partners of practical education. Rosti Poland has belonged to this noble group of partners from the very beginning. In addition to regular classes, these learning programmes are conducted by experienced employees of partnering companies as well as an annual, extended paid industrial internship.

Very recently Rosti hosted a visit of students from the Technical University of Białystok, who undergo these dual study programmes. For several years, Rosti Poland has been supporting the local university in the implementation of the practical curriculum. The purpose of this visit was to get the students familiar with the manufacturing processes such as injection moulding and assembly as well as with the processes of industrial automation and robotics. As we predicted, the most interesting part was around process automation, led by Kamil Pilis –Industrial Process Automation Leader and Rafał Karpiński –Tooling Engineering and Development Manager.

Students also visited the Innovation Center and participated in the lecture on innovative solutions used in the processing of plastics by Wojciech Dzięgielewski – R&D Manager. During the visit, the students were acquainted with the responsibilities of employees working on various positions in the company by Grzegorz Bęcłowicz – Training Project Manager. Our reliable Katarzyna Sowa – HR Specialist supervised the course of the whole meeting.

We would like to thank the vice-dean for development and cooperation, dr inż. Wojciech Trzasko and dr hab. Eng. Renata Markowska, professor at the University for your trust and visit!

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Rosti - Michał Lubik
Michal Lubik

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