How can you benefit from a Virtual Tour of our Injection Moulding facilities?

With travel restrictions and government guidelines still in place, Virtual Audits and site visits enable us to maintain communication and continue to build relationships with our customers to fulfill plastic injection moulding needs. 

We have been offering virtual tours of our facilities for over 12 months as we evolve to introduce new ways of working. Our teams have delivered a large number of shop floor tours and tooling demonstrations to both new and current customers. 

Will I still see the same things as if I was attending in person?

Yes, our video conferencing capabilities are simple and effective yet still as detailed as your in-person visits.

The tour is personal to you; we plan the virtual tour in the same way we would if you and your team were coming into one of our production facilities.

How can I interact and ask questions while on the tour?

Virtual Tours provide you with exactly the same access to our teams to discuss capabilities and ask questions. You will also get the opportunity to meet our innovation teams who are able to demonstrate prototypes and discuss findings from testing and analysis. 

Our team will explain key details and information as you are guided through the site, with colleagues who are operating or managing a particular area introducing themselves and their respective elements of the process.

This allows you to speak directly with our experienced personnel who are there to share knowledge.

The tours provide a detailed view of the processes around the facility, showing machines, and tools in action, close-ups of particular objects, and screens which provide a highly informative and detailed experience.

At each stage, customers ask questions to find out more information in relation to their specific parts or components.

It is essential to have a dialogue with our team so that you can fully understand the processes or you can feedback on something. Our aim is to create a replica of how you would spend during a visit to one of our global sites.

What are the key benefits of Virtual Tours?

Virtual Tours have played a vital role in building strong working relationships with our customers, allowing our teams to demonstrate their knowledge whilst always ensuring that care and expertise goes into every single project.

Conducting site visits virtually has allowed us to build momentum when working with customers, we are able to review prototypes quicker and make any changes to products before they go into production. This is vital when bringing a new product to market.

The tours are useful to interact with colleagues in other areas of the business, providing an interactive walk through for customers to get a good grasp of our injection moulding and technological capabilities to produce products, parts and components. The highly informative experience which allows them to make key decisions. 

How do I book my tour?

If you are an existing customer, please contact your Account Manager or Business Development Manager and they can discuss arranging a tour with you.

If you would like to discuss a new project with us, please complete the contact form here and one of our Business Development Team will contact you to arrange a convenient time.

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